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Fulda Cathedral (© vom -
Fulda Cathedral.


Fulda is a beautiful baroque town that grew around a Benedictine monastery of Fulda, founded in 774 as an outpost for Charlemagne's conquest and Christianisation of Saxony. The influential abbey evolved into a principality of its own right.


The Stadtschloss, former residence of the Prince-Abbots, was completed in 1714 and is endowed with some stunning state rooms. Across the palace gardens is the exquisite neoclassical Orangerie, now part of the Maritim Hotel.

The other big sight is the ostentatious Fulda Cathedral, the former baroque church of Fulda Abbey.

Orangerie, Fulda (photo by Florian K at the German language Wikipedia - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)
Orangerie, Fulda.

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