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Expat life in Germany
German flag (© dario -
You know you've been in Germany far too long when...
German Trivia
Interesting facts about Germany
Interesting, amazing and little known facts about Germany.
Best medieval castles
Burg Eltz
Germany's most beautiful medieval castles.
Most beautiful palaces
Würzburg Residence
Germany's most beautiful palaces and schlösser.
Highlights of Germany
All of Germany's must-see destinations.
Timber-framed towns
Explore the towns and villages renowned for their traditional half-timbered architecture.
German national park
Altmühltal Nature Park
A list of national parks with their official websites.
A few famous Germans
A concise list of individuals associated with Germany.

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With 82 million inhabitants, Germany is the EU's most populous nation. It is divided in 16 federal states, some larger and more populous than most European countries. This is why we think that each state deserves its own guide (except for the three city states, which were treated as cities within Lower Saxony and Brandenburg).

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