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You've been in Germany too long when...

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  1. You start removing the label and staple on your tea bag because they have to respectively go into the paper and metal recycling bin.

  2. You get irrationally annoyed when the bus or train is over five minutes late.

  3. You have actually memorised the timetable for your local station or stop.

  4. You know fifteen different kinds of potatoes and know how each is eaten.

  5. You eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  6. You have no problem with public nudity and actually contemplate to go to a nudist beach this summer.

  7. You are not surprised to find porn magazines in supermarkets and petrol stations... next to children items.

  8. You state your family name when answering your phone.

  9. You have come to regard crossing the street when the little man is red as a serious offence.

  10. You check for signs in a public park to make sure it not prohibited to tread on the lawn.

  11. You don't mind sharing a table with strangers at a restaurant.

  12. You have a döner kebap in mind when you think of having a snack.

  13. You feel the need to underline everything with a ruler.

  14. You don't change the radio station when techno comes on, because you know it's on all the other stations too.

  15. You verify regularly that your watch and all the clocks in your house are on time (that is those that aren't radio controlled).

  16. You start referring to your friends or relatives with the word "the" in front of their name (e.g. Der Klaus, Die Laura).

  17. You shovel snow in front of your pavement at 5 am.

  18. You think it is normal behaviour to remind your neighbours to remove the weeds in their garden or to warn them that their children are not dressed warmly enough.

  19. You keep quiet at home between 9 pm and 8 am to avoid disturbing the neighbours.

  20. You have taught your dog to keep quiet during the rest hours to avoid getting fined.

  21. You can't imagine washing your car or mowing your lawn on Sundays.

  22. You wouldn't dream of asking your co-workers about their private lives. (How are your kids doing ? Where did you go on holiday ?)

  23. You buy a French or a Japanese car to stand out from everybody else (who drive German cars).

  24. You try to guess what city other cars come from based on their license plate. (HH ? Hansestadt Hamburg, of course !)

  25. You drink beer at the cinema.

  26. You don't cringe at having to eat a piece of meat with a thick layer of fat on it.

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