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You've been in France too long when...

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  1. You take 3-hour lunches on work days while indulging in wine unsparingly and think it's a normal thing to do.

  2. You find yourself joining a demonstration - for the fun of it.

  3. You don't think twice about butting in lines.

  4. You are surprised that the airport didn't choose to strike just during your summer holidays.

  5. You take country roads to avoid traffic jams on the motorways in the summer months.

  6. You also take country roads to avoid paying the toll for the autoroutes.

  7. You know what are your acquis sociaux and are ready to fight to protect them.

  8. You tell your boss or customers "that's not part of my job" when asked to do something.

  9. You park your car against the bumper of the car in front of you.

  10. You think watching debates on TV about the latest hot topic in the news is a nice way to spend your evening.

  11. You've come to like arguing about any topic and constantly interrupt other people when they speak.

  12. You are ready to queue at the bakery every morning to get your breakfast.

  13. You start following gossips about newscasters in tabloid magazines.

  14. You don't laugh when a girl/woman introduces herself as Fanny.

  15. You are anxious when you go abroad and can't see a pharmacy within a 100 metres radius.

  16. Your friends tell you to meet in front of the Casino and you know they are referring to the supermarket.

  17. You don't see any problem in logic with that fact that students in 6th grade of collège (secondary school) are younger than those in 4th grade.

  18. You refer to academic qualifications in terms like Bac+4 or Bac+8 and jobs as CDI or CDD and expect everyone to understand you.

  19. You can't imagine that shops could be open on Sundays.

  20. You automatically kiss any friend, or friend of friends you don't know on the cheek, even between men.

  21. You start saying 'oh la la' whenever something bad happened and 'ah bon ?' when told something you didn't know.

  22. You can't envisage life without cheese.

  23. You can tell good from bad millésimes (vintages) for each wine region of France.

  24. You wouldn't dream of buying non-French wine.

  25. You respond to questions by shrugging your shoulders.

  26. You are surprised that shops are open over lunch.

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