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You've been in Spain too long when...

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  1. You have dinner at 10 pm and only start getting ready to go out at 11 pm. You never get back home until 3 am, and more often at dawn.

  2. On some Sunday mornings you have breakfast before going to bed, not after you get up.

  3. You plan your life around the siesta. No need to try to find something open between 2 and 5 pm !

  4. You avoid taking the taxi because you know the driver will go in circles, and the longest way possible to your destination.

  5. You expect to get cheated in restaurants and ask the local customers for the real price of their churros con chocolate, as it's not on the menu.

  6. You wear your rucksack on backwards to protect it from pickpockets.

  7. You stop asking locals for directions because you know they will point at any direction if they don't know.

  8. You get into conversations with complete strangers all the time.

  9. You look for El Corte Inglès department stores whenever you need so buy something.

  10. You have forgotten the meaning of speed limit when driving your car.

  11. You don't get nervous or offended when other drivers honk at you, and you actually do quite a bit a gratuitous tooting yourself.

  12. You don't plan your activities too long in advance as you know unexpected events will turn up.

  13. You walk to almost any place you have to go (or take the metro in Madrid and Barcelona).

  14. You drink wine all the time and even put wine in your lemonade (or the other way round).

  15. You automatically answer mañana when asked to do something.

  16. You know that 'ahora' doesn’t really mean now.

  17. You know men in their forties who still live with their mothers.

  18. You're known as the guiri.

  19. You eat jamón all the time and know the difference between Jamón Ibérico and Jamón serrano.

  20. You cheek kiss (twice) anybody you know, even new acquaintances.

  21. You forget to say 'please' and 'thanks', and answer requests by 'yes, but...'

  22. You know you have to take the whole day off whenever you need to get some official paperwork.

  23. You think it's perfectly normal to drink coffee in a glass.

  24. You order cerveza without specifying the type or brand.

  25. You answer the phone by saying ¿Digame?

  26. You dry all your clothes on a line outside your apartment.

  27. You think it’s fine to comment on everyone's appearance, and to openly stare at strangers.

  28. You aren't surprised to find all banks closed after 2 pm (and no, they don't open again after the siesta).

  29. You can recognise Catalan or Galician from Castilian.

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