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Must-see of Spain
Mudejar Museum in Maria Luisa Park, Sevilla (© pedro ferreira -
Mudejar Museum in Maria Luisa Park, Sevilla.

Must-see destinations in Spain

Eupedia strives to provide a fair and objective rating for all destinations and attractions in its travel guides using well-defined criteria. We compare all sights against each others, not just within a same region or country, but between European countries as well. This is why our ratings have the same value in every country. A must-see destination (indicated by must-see) is a must-see destination, no matter where you are. Some regions don't have any, while others boast many of them. Since objectivity is essential for us, we did not attempt to be "politically correct" by giving a balanced number of must-see places in every region.

North Spain

Basque Country

San SebastiŠn (Donostia)
Harbour of San SebastiŠn (© Yvann K -
must-see San SebastiŠn

Castile & Leůn

Salamanca ※
Town Hall on the Plaza Mayor, Salamanca (© Matt Trommer)
must-see Salamanca


Palace of Sobrellano at sunset, Comillas (© Jose Ignacio Soto -
must-see Comillas


Barcelona ※
Park Guell, Barcelona (© MasterLu -
must-see Barcelona


Santiago de Compostela ※
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela at night (© Luxian -
must-see Santiago de Compostela

Community of Madrid

Aranjuez ※
Royal Palace of Aranjuez (© leonp -
must-see Aranjuez
El Escorial ※
Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (© dasharosato -
must-see El Escorial
Gran via at night, Madrid (©  Ljupco Smokovski -
must-see Madrid


Bardenas Reales
Castil de Tierra, Bardenas Blancas (© Grazia RUH -
must-see Bardenas Reales

South Spain


Seville ※
La Torre del Oro and la Giralda, Sevilla (© Alcerreca -
must-see Seville
Cordoba ※
Arabic arches hallway in Corodoba's mosque (© Jose Ignacio Soto -
must-see Cordoba
Granada ※
Lions Patio at the Alhambra, Granada (© Rafael Ramirez -
must-see Granada

Castile-La Mancha

Toledo ※
Toledo (© novales5 -
must-see Toledo


CŠceres ※
Plaza de Santa Maria, Caceres (© -
must-see Caceres

Canary Islands

Teide National Park ※
Teide National Park (© pjmorley -
must-see Teide National Park
Garajonay National Park ※
Roque Agando, Garajonay National Park (photo by Diego Delso - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)
must-see Garajonay National Park

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