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Bremen Travel Guide

Roland statue, Bremen (© interlight -
Roland statue on Bremen's market square.


Germany's smallest state and 10th largest city, Bremen is a little visited medieval jewel endowed with one of Germany's prettiest market square. The famous statue of Roland in front of the town hall was erected in 1404 as a symbol of market rights and freedom. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the rest of the square.

Beck's Brewery, producing some of the best-selling German beers, is based in Bremen.


The city is also a leading centre in the aerospace industry, and two major attractions revolve around it: the Universum Science Center, and the Centre of Aerospace Technology and Micronavigation.

Every year, in the last two weeks of October, Bremen hosts the Freimarkt ('Free Fair'), one of the world's oldest festivals. First held in 1036, it is Germany's oldest fair. With more than four million visitors each year, it is also considered to be the biggest festival in Northern Germany.

Town hall, Bremen (© interlight -
Town hall of Bremen.

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