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Brittany Castles

Brittany was an independent Duchy throughout the Middle Ages until 1547 and as such needed to protect itself from French invasions. Consequently, it come as no surprise that the region be endowned with some of the mightiest medieval fortresses in France. Like their Cornish and Welsh cousins, the Bretons like to built their houses and cities in stone, and their castles have more massive stone walls than almost anywhere else in the world. This page provides a list of all the castles that can be visited, with a link to their official websites whenever available.

Most popular castles

Fougères Castle
Castle of Fougères, Brittany (© melanieleleu -
outstanding Château de Fougères.
Josselin Castle
Castle of Josselin, Brittany (photo by Martin Selway - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.)
outstanding Château de Josselin
La Bourbansais Castle
Castle of La Bourbansais, Brittany (photo by Abujoy - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.)
outstanding Château de La Bourbansais

Pontivy Castle
Castle of Pontivy, Brittany  (© -
outstanding Château de Pontivy
Suscinio Castle
Castle of Suscinio, Brittany  (© Frank -
outstanding Château de Suscinio
Vitré Castle
Castle of Vitré, Brittany (© peresanz -
outstanding Château de Vitré

Other castles

    very good Brest Castle
    very good Château de l'Hermine, Vannes
    very good Château du Taureau in Plouezoc'h
    very good Châteaugiron Castle
    very good Combourg Castle
    good Corlay Castle (ruins)
    very good Dinan Castle
    good Grand Fougeray Castle
    good Guildo Castle (ruins)
    good Hédé Castle (ruins)
    very good Hennebont Castle
    good Kergournadeac'h Castle (ruins)
    very good Kerjean Castle
    very good La Hunaudaye Castle (ruins)
    very good Landal Castle
    very good Largoet Castle (ruins)
    very good Tonquédec Castle (ruins)

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