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How to move around London


One of the easiest way to travel inside London is using the London Underground, generally referred to as the "Tube". It is the world's oldest (operating since 1863) and one of the most extensive (275 stations served, on 408 km) metro network. Click here for a map of the Underground network.

Bus & other public transports

An alternative to the Tube is the Bus, and in some areas the Tram (South-West and South London) or the Light railway (Docklands - East London).


Since July 2010, the London authorities have installed a public bicycle sharing scheme, known as the Barclays Cycle Hire (BCH). Over 500 docking stations around the city provide thousands of bicycles with automated rental 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system is easy; buy a daily, weekly or yearly subscription card with your credit card, then rent a bike and return it to any docking station whenever you want. Stations are distant of about 300 meters from each others.

A one-day card cost 2, while a yearly subscription is 90. The first 30 minutes are free, 1 for the second half-hour, 4 for the third half-hour, and 6 for any additional half-hour. More information on the website of Barclays Cycle Hire.

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