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Lower Lemon Street, Truro (photo by Simon Lewis - Creative Commons Licence)


Truro Library

Truro (pop. 19,000) is the administrative centre of Cornwall and its only city. Truro grew with the emergence of tin-mining in the 19th century.

Although Truro is pleasant with its Georgian villas, there are few sights in town apart from the astounding Neo-Gothic cathedral.

The construction of Truro Cathedral started in 1879 on the site of a 16th century parish church (St Mary the Virgin). It was the first Anglican cathedral built in England since St Paul's in London in the mid-17th century. Completed in 1910, it distinguishes itself with an elaborate roof vaulting and its three massive towers and spires (the highest of which is 76m tall).

The Royal Cornwall Museum in River Street is the largest museum in Cornwall. Housed in an graceful Georgian building, its displays range from Celtic inscriptions, bronze-age ceramics, and Roman artefacts to paintings by Cornish and non_cornis (including Caravaggio, Blake and Constable) artists.


How to get there

Truro is a landlocked town situated some 20 km (12 mi.) south of Newquay. The fastest way to get there is to fly to Newquay first, then catch a National Express bus (30min, 5.40) from there.

There are trains from London Paddington (4h15, 52 super advance single), Exeter (2h15min to 2h45min, 20.70) and Plymouth (1h15min, 9.20).

National Express has coaches from London (7h to 10h, 33), Plymouth (1h45min, 5.25), Penzance (1h to 1h30min, 4.25) and St Ives (1h, 3.50).


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