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Trentino-South Tyrol Travel Guide

Il Catinaccio delle Dolomiti, Trentino-South Tyrol (© Vincenzo Epifani -
Rosengarten (Catinaccio) group in the Dolomites, Trentino-South Tyrol.


Trentino-South Tyrol (known as Trentino-Alto Adige in Italian and Trentino-Südtirol in German) is one of the five autonomous regions of Italy. The region was part of the Holy Roman Empire from the 8th century, then the Austrian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until its annexation by Italy in 1919.

One third of the population speaks German as their first language, mostly in the northern province of South Tyrol, where the proportion rises to two thirds of German speakers. A small minority (4%) in the Dolomite Mountains also speaks Ladin, a Rhaeto-Romance language that is not spoken anywhere else. Two minor dialects of Southern Bavarian have survived in the remoteness of Trentino: Mòcheno (aka Fersentalerisch), spoken in three towns of the Mocheni Valley, and Cimbrian (aka Zimbrisch), spoken in a few villages in the south of Trentino.

The region offers some of the best skiing and hiking areas in Italy.



Stelvio National Park
Stelvio National Park (© antonio scarpi -
outstanding Extending over an area of 1,307 km² (505 sq mi), Stelvio National Park is the largest national park in Northern Italy. It was founded in 1935, making it one of the oldest in the country. The park is divided between Lombardy and South Tyrol and borders the Swiss National Park. The park has a rich a variety of wildlife including chamois, ibex, deer, wild boar, foxes, badgers, mountain hares, marmots, stoats, pine martens, lammergeiers, golden eagles, buzzards, eagle-owls, rock partridges and woodpeckers.
Adamello Brenta Nature Park
Adamello Brenta Nature Park (© antonio scarpi -
outstanding Adamello Brenta Nature Park.
Rovereto and its castle (© Lorenzo Brasco -
very good Rovereto.
Neptune Fountain, Trento (© Comugnero Silvana -
very good Trento.

South Tyrol

Dolomites at Canazei
Sella Pass in the Dolomites near Canazei (© antonio scarpi -
must-see Dolomites around Canazei.
Dolomites at Corvara
The Dolomites and Corvara (© Bergfee -
outstanding Corvara.
Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, Merano (© Marzia Giacobbe -
outstanding Merano (Meran).
Bolzano (© rmazzonna -
very good Bolzano.
Brixen (Bressanone)
Brixen/Bressanone (© Buesi -
very good Brixen (Bressanone).

Other attractions

outstanding Novacella Convent

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