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Castel San Vincenzo, Molise (© cenz07 -
Castel San Vincenzo in the Apennines, Molise.


Molise is the second smallest Italian region in land area and population after Aosta Valley. With merely 320,000 inhabitants, it is less populous than the nine largest Italian cities.

Made up mostled of forested mountains and hills, Molise is usually considered Italy's most remote region. It is also one of the least visited by tourists, a good place to avoid the crowds of Tuscany or Lazio.


Pesche, Molise (© Sergio Di Giovanni -
very good Pesche.
Campobasso, Molise (© mirio -
good Campobasso.
Termoli, Molise (© Claudio Giovanni Colombo -
very good Termoli.

Other attractions

good Agnone
very good Castel San Vincenzo
very good Pietrabbondante
very good Saepinum
good San Vincenzo al Volturno

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