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Population Genetics

History of Y-DNA & mtDNA Haplogroups

Y-DNA & mtDNA Haplogroups

Genetically determined traits and medical conditions

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Mitochondrial DNA

Population genetics

Discussions about Genetics

Influence of Y-chromosomal DNA mutations on behaviour and reproductory success
Genetic engineering, designer babies and gene therapy: would you do it ?
Can acquired traits and aptitudes be inherited through epigenetics ?
Junk DNA, really junk or not ?
Why it is wrong to assume that a haplogroup originated where it is most frequent now ?
Genetic similarity with each parent is NOT 50%
Can parents' strength of character influence the sex ratio of their children ?
Percentage of genetic similarity between humans and animals

Discussions about Prehistory, Archeology and Historical Genetics

When did humans first...(do something) ?
Did agriculture develop thanks to the original carriers of macro Y-haplogroup K ?
Who destroyed the Uruk culture circa 3100 BCE ?
Were the Tocharians related to the Tarim mummies ?
How did people think about making glass from sand ?

Origins of the Indo-Europeans

Origins of the Indo-Europeans: the Uruk expansion and Cucuteni-Trypillian culture
Metal-mining and stockbreeding explain R1b dominance in Atlantic fringe
5000 years of migrations from the Eurasian steppes to Europe
More evidence that the PIE R1b people originated in the Maykop culture
The Indo-European migrations to Armenia
Bell Beakers were a multicultural phenomenon & trade network, not an ethnic culture
Were the Romans close cousins of the Alpine Celts and Belgae ?

Germanic Y-DNA

An analysis of Scandinavian Y-DNA
Analysis of R1b subclades in Scandinavia
Estimating Germanic Y-DNA in Iberia
Were the Irish pure R1b before the Viking and British invasions ?


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