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Genetically determined physical & health-related traits

If you tested your DNA with a personal genomics service like 23andMe, DeCODEme, FTDNA's Family Finder or another testing company, you can learn more about your risk factors for hundreds of diseases. Many of these SNP's are tested but not (yet) part of the report provided by personal genomics companies. This is free extra information.

We recommend that you install the SNPTips add-on for Mozilla Firefox to browse these pages. It allows you to upload your DNA results in the browser and show instantly which allele variant you have for each of the SNP listed below.

What can DNA tell you about yourself ?

List of physical & health-related traits and their associated genes

Testing companies :
A = 23andMe
(all versions) ; A2* = 23andMe (v2 only) ; A2 = 23andMe (v2 & v3) ; A3 = 23andMe (v3 only)
B = DeCODEme
C = FTDNA (Family Finder v2)
Bold letters indicate that the SNP is part of the official report, and is therefore likely to be more reliable. Only SNP's in the official report are listed for deCODEme.

Description Chromosome Gene SNP Tested by*
Alcohol flush reaction 12 ALDH2 rs671 A
Antidepressant response 7 ABCB1 rs2032583 A
13 intergenic rs6311 A
Back Pain 15 CILP rs2073711 A
Blood glucose level B G6PC2 rs560887 A
Blood type (Duffy) A DARC rs2814778 A
Blood type (Kell) 7 KEL rs8176058 A
rs8176059 A
Blood type (ABO) 9 ABO rs8176719 A
rs8176743 A
rs8176746 A
rs8176747 A
rs7853989 A
Blood type (Diego) 17 SLC4A1 rs2285644 A
Blood type (Kidd) 18 SLC14A1 rs1058396 A
Circadian Rhythm A ARNTL
Circadian Rhythm
(evening preference for C)
4 CLOCK rs1801260 A
Cleft Lip/Palate 8 intergenic rs987525 A
Cluster Headaches 6 HCRTR2 rs2653349 A
Colour Blindness (Daltonism) X OPN1LW
Dancer vs non-dancer 12 AVPR1A
17 SERT (5HTT)
Earwax Type 16 ABCC11 rs17822931 A
HDL cholesterol level 6 EDN1 rs5370 A
Height 6 ESR1 rs2179922 A3
12 HMGA2 rs1042725 A
20 UQCC rs6060369 A3
rs6060371 A3
High blood pressure A CLCN6 rs17376328 A
A intergenic rs198358 A
A intergenic rs632793
B STK39 rs3754777 A
rs6749447 A3
6 EDN1 rs5370 A
HLA type 6 HLA
Lactose intolerance B MCM6 rs4988235 A, B
rs182549 A
Longevity 6 FOXO3 rs2802292 A
7 IL6 rs1800795 A
9 intergenic rs2811712 A
11 intergenic rs2542052 A
15 IGF1R rs34516635 A3
16 CETP rs5882 A
17 TP53 rs1042522 A
Male infertility B GTF2A1L rs2293275 A
4 ART3 rs6836703 A
rs14773 A
16 PRM1 rs35576928 A
19 INSL3 rs2286662
Male-pattern baldness X AR (NR3C4) rs2223841 A
X AR rs6152 A
X intergenic rs925391 A
20 20p11 rs1160312 A3
20 rs2180439 A
Metabolism of xenobiotics (including caffeine, and many P-450 drugs) 15 CYP1A2 rs762551 A
Myopia (short-sightedness) 17 COL1A1 rs2075555 A
rs1107946 A3
18 MYP2
12 MYP3
7 MYP4
17 MYP5
22 MYP6
11 MYP7
3 MYP8
4 MYP9
8 MYP10
4 MYP11
Obesity B intergenic rs7566605 A
5 PCSK1 rs6232 A
11 intergenic rs662799 A
16 FTO rs3751812 A, B
rs9930506 A
rs9939609 A
18 intergenic rs10871777 A
18 intergenic rs12970134 A
Odor Sensitivity 14 OR11H7P rs1953558 A
Pain Sensitivity 22 COMT rs6269 A
Persistent Fetal Hemoglobin B BCL11A rs10195871 A
Physical endurance B EPAS1 A
11 ACTN3 A
17 ACE A
Red hair (and poor tanning ability) 16 MC1R rs1805009
rs1805008 A, B, C
rs1805007 A, B
rs1805006 A, B, C
rs11547464 A
rs34474212 A
rs1110400 A, C
i3002507 A
rs2228479 A, B, C
Resistance to HIV and AIDS 3 CCR5 i3003626 A
6 HCP5 rs2395029 A
17 CCL3L1
Resitance to Malaria A DARC rs2814778 A
11 HBB i3003137 A
X G6PD rs1050828 A
Resitance to Norovirus 19 FUT2 rs601338 A
Restless Legs Syndrome B MEIS1 rs9789535 A, B
rs2192954 A, B
6 BTBD9 rs3923809 A, B
15 MAP2K5 rs11635424 A, B
Sense of taste (bitterness) 7 TAS2R4 A
7 TAS2R5 A
7 TAS2R16 A
12 TAS2R8 A
12 TAS2R38 A
12 TAS2R48 A
Sense of taste (sweetness) A TAS1R2 A
Sense of taste (umami) A TAS1R1 A
Sense of taste (sourness) 10 PKD2L1 A
Sense of taste (spiciness) 17 TRPV1 A
Sense of taste (signal) 7 GNAT3 A
11 TRPM5 A
15 PLCB2 A
Sprinters vs endurance runners 11 ACTN3 rs1815739 A

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