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Central Sweden (Svealand) Travel Guide

Royal Palace in Stockholm (© huxflux -
Royal Palace in Stockholm.


Gamla stan, Stockholm (© Kalin Eftimov -
best of Europe
Norrköping (photo by Thuresson - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)
Sigtuna (© Andrei Nekrassov -
Engelsberg Ironworks
Engelsberg Ironworks (photo by Jürgen Howaldt - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany license)
very good
Fjällbacka (© Dagmar Richardt -
very good

Other attractions

very good Birka and Hovgården (Viking towns) ※
very good Karlstad
very good Skansen Open-air Museum
very good Skokloster Castle
good Bjursås
good Leksand
good Mora
good Nyköping
good Rättvik
good Storholmen Viking village
good Strängnäs
good Tällberg
good Västerås

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  • : Recommended - to visit if you have time
  • : Outstanding place - really deserves to be seen
  • : Best of the country - shouldn't be missed
  • : Best of Europe

Natural attractions

  • : Moderately interesting
  • : Recommended
  • : Highly recommended
  • : World-class natural attraction
  • ※ : UNESCO World Heritage site

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