Society Low fertility, high migration rate - what will Europe look like in the future?

Maybe communism has to come back to save europe, this migration nonsense needs to stop. Enver not only didn't let Albanians leave the country but also didn't let them leave their birth city 😂

Commies maintaining large families and orderly society is in the past sadly :D
Albanian families were having 6+ kids during that period, now 2-3 kids on average

Urbanisation came in Yugoslavia earlier for most nations. My grandparents on both side had 5 kids each before moving to urban area.
I think Albania according to the birth rate it had 1990 was projected to have far more larger population than now.

If we look at Turkey it looks like real path to national power was to grow moderately fast in the 20th century to not have the "population modernisation" fast enough and be capable of fast growth in the latter half of the 20th century and continously to 21st.

Turkey is going to become really big compared to the Balkans in less than a decade. I mean it already is going to suprass Poland in exchange rate adjusted national income in 2-3 years, then catch up to Italy in like 5-7 years. It's GDP is reaching top European numbers also.
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In Berisha's time Albanians were having 2-3 kids, now its 1-2 kids, and half of these families are migrating or in the process of migrating out of Albania. I don't know how this is part of a secret plan to save Albania/ns. This the equivalent of Trump 10th dimensional chess play in QAnnon talk circles.
it wouldn't happen in eastern europe though
the r1a big wall ( and i am not saying it for positive or negetive just decribe the reality)
No, Russia and Poland are admitting immigrants in massive numbers

Even there are reports that places in the Balkans have issued a lot of visas (tens of thousands in a year) in the last couple of years

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