1. Maciamo

    Immigration Largest Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek cities in the world outside their home country

    Great Britain, Spain and Portugal have set up population colonies that are now home to far more people than the country of origin. But what about more recent diaspora of countries that didn't set up their own population colonies? Largest Italian cities in the world For example is Buenos...
  2. Maciamo

    Society Low fertility, high migration rate - what will Europe look like in the future?

    I was having a look at the population projections for 2100 in Our World in Data and thought it would be easier to visualise with a map. Countries in green will see their population grow, while those in orange and red will contract. Of course such projections are very difficult to make and other...
  3. Archetype0ne

    Immigration The other side of the coin /The Balkans are getting short of people by The Economist

    Balking at Balkan babies The Balkans are getting short of people The demography of south-eastern Europe threatens its hopes of prosperity. South eastern europe is in a Catch-22. The region’s many problems prompt young, talented people to leave in droves. But it will not catch up with the rest...
  4. Jovialis

    Society 5 things to know about the future U.S. demographics

    Besides its decennial official count, the U.S. Census Bureau produces national population projections every few years, but these projections are not broken down by state. That's where the University of Virginia's Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service comes in. "We are one of the few research...
  5. A

    Empires and migrations

    Did expanding empires in the ancient and medieval world bring about large or medium scale migrations? So the possibilities could be: They did not, a lot of mixing between different people happened only in prehistory when people freely moved around, either they weren't bound to any part of land...