1. Maciamo

    Immigration Sweden or how to destroy a country through poor immigration policy

    Sweden is one of the world's most liberal, permissive and tolerant countries. Until not so long ago it was one of the safest countries in the world and one of the most egalitarian. But the naive immigration policy of its socialist politicians have destroyed all this. Sweden now has one of the...
  2. Maciamo

    Society Britain is the best place in Europe to be an immigrant

    This is what the British newspaper The Economist says in its latest featured article. This may seem ironic considering that British people have voted for Brexit did it in great part to limit immigration. Here are a few excerpts from the article. Britain also has more varied foreign...
  3. Maciamo

    Immigration Largest Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek cities in the world outside their home country

    Great Britain, Spain and Portugal have set up population colonies that are now home to far more people than the country of origin. But what about more recent diaspora of countries that didn't set up their own population colonies? Largest Italian cities in the world For example is Buenos...
  4. Maciamo

    Society Low fertility, high migration rate - what will Europe look like in the future?

    I was having a look at the population projections for 2100 in Our World in Data and thought it would be easier to visualise with a map. Countries in green will see their population grow, while those in orange and red will contract. Of course such projections are very difficult to make and other...
  5. Maciamo

    Politics New maps of public opinion in the EU (based on Eurobarometer surveys)

    I have created 9 new maps based on the EU Commission's Eurobarometer poll results for Autumn 2019. I will compare them with other maps I made earlier. Democracy This map shows the percentage of the population that is satisfied with the way democracy works in their country at the moment (well...
  6. Maciamo

    Immigration Maps of foreign-born populations in Europe and the US

    These two maps show the percentage of foreign-born residents by country in Europe and by state in the United States. In Europe, countries with the highest share of foreigners are Luxembourg (47%) and Switzerland (30%). They also happen to be the richest countries, so it's no surprise that they...
  7. Archetype0ne

    Immigration The other side of the coin /The Balkans are getting short of people by The Economist

    Balking at Balkan babies The Balkans are getting short of people The demography of south-eastern Europe threatens its hopes of prosperity. South eastern europe is in a Catch-22. The region’s many problems prompt young, talented people to leave in droves. But it will not catch up with the rest...
  8. J

    Investor immigration canada

    Canada immigration services include providing opportunities for individuals who want a permanent residence in Canada legally. Canada is a land of immense natural beauty that also holds unlimited opportunities for landed immigrants through best socio-economic welfare programs Investor immigration...
  9. LeBrok

    Immigration What should Europeans do with illegal immigrants?

    Here are few options and longer descriptions: 1. Be glad that so many people love Europe and want to come here to live. Create refugee camps, give them work and education, and rip benefits from cheap labour and millions of new consumers. Let them chose their destination country. 2. Same as 1...
  10. Maciamo

    Politics The Belgian paradox: how low level officials yield key aspects of power

    Belgium is generally a fairly good place to live. The country ranks well by international standards on many levels; compulsory education until 18 (highest in the world), high-quality and cheap health care, free motorways, excellent food, reasonably good economy... One of the things that...
  11. errantbit

    Immigration Net migration rate by country - 2011

  12. Maciamo

    Immigration Wave of (minor) attacks by poor immigrants hits UK, France and Sweden this week

    People living outside these countries may not have noticed these events, but the made the national headlines in their respective countries. The worst incidents happened in several Stockholm suburbs, where dozen of cars were torched while schools and shops were set on fire. The riots started in...
  13. Templar

    Immigration Developed Nations Attract Young vs. Educated Migrants Developed Nations Attract Young vs. Educated Migrants
  14. Canek

    France wants Schengen opt-outs in Tunisan migrant row

    France wants Schengen opt-outs in Tunisan migrant row France temporarily shut its border to trains from Italy carrying African migrants and protesters on Sunday Reuters France wants to make it easier to suspend...
  15. L

    Immigration UNODC report presents data on smuggling of migrants from Latin America and Africa

    UNODC report presents data on smuggling of migrants from Latin America and Africa On Migrants Day, UNODC unveils tools to help States address plight of smuggled and trafficked victimsUnited Nations launches global plan of action against human traffickingUNODC boosts Cambodian border control...
  16. L

    Immigration UK's Cameron says immigration ?unacceptably high?

    UK?s Cameron says immigration ?unacceptably high? November 22, 2010 Cameron revealed that the UK was seeing two million new immigrants per decade. ? Reuters pic LONDON, Nov 22 ? Immigration to Britain is ?unacceptably high? and must be brought down, but this can be done while ensuring...