1. C

    R1b Posting all ..your expertise appreciated....dad was adopted...Civil War of Spain

    My dad was born in Lora del Rio, Seville Spain. His parents were killed during the Civil War of Spain. He was then adopted. In the year 2002, I found his family. Before he died at the age of 80, he was reunited. There is much information found and more researching. For now, I have the...
  2. LeBrok

    Y haplogroups correlation with number of sons, R1b, I2a-Din, E-V13, G2a

    This possible phenomenon was discussed in many threads, as an explanation to why some Y haplogroups became so dominant. Maciamo's hypothesis about dominance of R1b clades in Western Europe is based on it too. This hypothesis states that males of certain haplogroups, like R1b, or some of its...
  3. M

    The Spread of Haplogroups in Europe, Especially R1b

    There are some lively discussions going on elsewhere on this board, discussing with specificity some of concepts below. I thank everyone for their thoughts, and Eupedia for the forum. This post is intended to be a more general foray into what I call "The Two -Ics" that explain modern...
  4. M

    An Overview of All R1b Spread Theories in Layman's Terms

    Here I reviewed all of the various theories regarding the spread and commonality of R1b in Western Europe, in layman's terms.
  5. Maciamo

    The great pairings of Y-DNA haplogroups in prehistory

    When G2a Neolithic farmers started advancing from the Near East into Europe, they encountered indigenous hunter-gathering tribes belonging to various haplogroups (C1a2, F, I*, I1, I2a, I2b, I2c, and possibly even H). Interestingly, most of these lineages didn't survive in significant number...
  6. D

    What is common people R1b1b2a1a?

    I am Spaniard and I am R1b1b2a1a My maternal halogroup is H
  7. Maciamo

    Y-DNA and mtDNA frequencies in Proto-Indo-European cultures

    I have added the samples from Allentoft 2015 and updated the haplogroup frequencies in the section Haplogroups of Bronze Age Proto-Indo-Europeans.
  8. Maciamo

    New map of HLA-A1 allele frequency

    Here is my first HLA map. I chose to start with HLA-A1 because it is the first chronologically, but also because it is one of the most common HLA types in Europe. The HLA (Human Leucocyte Antigen) genes are on important component of the immune system regulation. They are cell-surface...
  9. Maciamo

    Autosomal analysis of Yamna, Corded Ware and Bell Beaker samples

    Here is a summary of my observations posted in this thread regarding the autosomal analysis of the Mesolithic and Bronze Age samples from Haak et al 2015. Eurogenes K15 analysis The K15 admixtures for all the Yamna, Corded Ware and Bell Beaker samples can be found in this spreadsheet. As I...
  10. Maciamo

    Modern distribution of R1b-Z2103

    The new Haak et al. 2015 paper confirmed that Yamna Proto-Indo-Europeans belonged to haplogroup R1b. Four out of six R1b samples from the Volga-Ural region belonged to the R1b-Z2103 subclade, a branch of what used to be called R1b-ht35, the eastern variant of R1b-M269. Obviously the samples...
  11. Maciamo

    New map of Ancient Eurasian (ANE) admixture

    Year 2014 is drawing to a close and I was hoping to finish the ANE and WHG maps by the end of the year. Here is the first one. The data is based on Eurogenes. This map compares the genes of modern people to the DNA of a Central Siberian mammoth hunter (known as MA-1), who lived 24,000 years...
  12. Maciamo

    Listen to an audio reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European language

    Listen to this audio reconstruction of what Proto-Indo-European language of R1a and R1b people might have sounded like 6,000 years ago in the Pontic-Caspian Steppe. Here is the explanation from Archeology.com.
  13. Maciamo

    Presidents Theodore Roosevelft and Franklin D. Roosevelt might have been R1b

    Checking the Rose DNA Project, I found one member (#310947) whose most distant paternal ancestor is listed as being Cornelius Geldersman via his grandson Claes van Roosevelt (1626-1658). This happens to be the ancestor of the two Roosevelt presidents as this genealogy shows. The Ysearch ID is...
  14. Maciamo

    George Washington probably belonged to haplogroup R1b-L21

    The first President of the United States, George Washington may well have belonged to R1b-L21>DF13. This deduction is based on the results from the Washington DNA Project where most bearers of that surname belong to various clades under DF13. The only member who claims descend from John...
  15. Maciamo

    Searching for famous R1b-L21 individuals

    This thread is dedicated to proposing new famous members of haplogroup R1b-L21 (M529) and its subclades. So far, confirmed R1b-L21 carriers include: - The House of Stuart (DF13 > DF41 > L744 > S781) - James Buchanan (L1335 > CTS11722 according to the Buchanan DNA Project) - William Ewart...
  16. Maciamo

    Searching for famous R1b-U152 individuals

    This thread is dedicated to proposing new famous members of haplogroup R1b-U152 (S28) and its subclades. So far, confirmed R1b-U152 carriers include: - The House of Habsburg (L2+ based on the Habsburg Family Project) - Abraham Lincoln (probably L2+ according to the Lincoln DNA project) Here...
  17. Maciamo

    Searching for famous R1b-U106 individuals

    This thread is dedicated to proposing new famous members of haplogroup R1b-U106 (S21) and its subclades. So far, confirmed R1b-U106 carriers include: - The House of Bourbon - The House of Wettin - James K. Polk (L48+ according to the Polk-Pollock DNA Project) - Ulysses S. Grant (U106 > L47...
  18. Maciamo

    British PM William Gladstone belonged to R1b-L21

    According to the Gladstone DNA Project, the lineage of the famous Victorian British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898) belongs to R1b-L21. Indeed, his genealogy can be traced back to James Gledstanes who died in 1493 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Gladstone is considered by some one...
  19. Maciamo

    Half of the people with the surname Stuart or Stewart descend from royalty

    According to the genetic genealogy testing company BritainsDNA, about 50% of the 70,000 people who carry the surname Stuart or Stewart in the UK or Ireland descend from the Royal House of Stewart. The company tested the descendants of James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland (c.1243-1309)...
  20. Maciamo

    Bell Beakers were a multicultural phenomenon & trade network, not an ethnic culture

    Bell Beakers were a multicultural phenomenon & trade network, not an ethnic culture I have noticed that Jean Manco mentioned in her new book Ancestral Journeys that the Bell Beaker culture represents the arrival of R1b people into Western Europe. I have explained before why it is extremely...