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Départment de l'Oise

The Oise is a department of the Picardie region, and owes its name to the river of the same name.

It has a surface area of 5,860 km², a population of 785,000 inhabitants, and is divided into four administrative districts (arrondissements in French) for a total of 41 cantons and 693 municipalities.

It borders (clockwise from the North) the departments of the Somme, Aisne, Seine-et-Marne, Val-d'Oise, Eure, and Seine-Maritime.

In ancient times, the Oise belonged to the Roman Province of Gallia Belgica, and was people mostly by the Bellovaci tribe (which gave its name to Bellovacum, i.e. Beauvais) and the Silvanecti tribe (after which Senlis was named). Conquered by Clovis in 486, the region became part of the Frankish Empire. After the Treaty of Verdun (843), the region became part of Western Francia, later called simply "France". In feudal times, most of the region belonged to the Royal Domain (notably Senlis, where Hugh Capet was crowned king), except the Bishopric of Noyon which was religious land at first.


good Beauvais
good Noyon
very good Senlis
outstanding Castle of Chantilly
outstanding Castle of Compiègne
outstanding Castle of Pierrefonds

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