New map of YDNA haplogroup R1a-CTS1211 (aka M558 or Y93)

Question Y-DNS Haplotree - R-FT74697

Helló: Y-DNS Haplotree - R-FT74697 (RM-420 / Z-280 / R-CTS1211 / R-YP340 / R-YP374) Saját mtdna: H1c3b Vannak itt hasonlóak? Mi a neve ennek az Y haplocsoportnak, pontosabban R1a1a1b1a2b3a ???
Although my position haven't updated, I know that I am YP4530, and I will set up a new branch after the next update. YP4532 is my downstream. YP4530&YP4532 seems to be distributed in Western Ukraine and southeastern Poland. Do anyone know more about them? Thank you
Hi. I am YP4532. First known ancestor was born near Temnikov, Mordovia, Russia at 1871. Nationality not clear today. Thank you

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