Can you find your ethnicity with your toe?


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I drop to a site accidentally.

ot is about art and Anthropometrics

It is called Morton's toe or Greek feet

the photo bellow explains all


1) majority of people have the first type its name also normal feet

2) is less common than first

3) the 3rd type is found from ancient times in ancient Greek sculptures at almost 95% and less in Roman-Latin BUT EXIST IN EVERY COPY OF GREEK STATUE !!!! but in other culture. that means ancient Greeks knew a genetic secret or they just copy what they see,

the author insist that this is a gennetic anomaly or mutation and not a bone structure anomaly (a bad form)

If morton's toe is a cleronomical genetic mutation then probably except nose is the second anthropometric characteristic we find.

Statistics prove that Greeks have significant Morton's toe than other populations
second comes the Roman type !!!
and finnaly normal.

does anyone know if it is connected with DNA ?
maybe an exclusive mark? or majority of Greeks suffer from bad bone structure?

Gentlemen search your feet.
Roman here. However, I have a Greek nose...hmmm.

Clearly, I'm a Trojan.
Egyptian. My cousin has the Greek foot and he's full Syrian christian.
by the toe test, clearly roman for me

plus flat feet, indicating close to the sea ie water and not a mountaineer
Definitely more like no. 2 Roman than no. 1 Egyptian. I don't know of any Italian ancestry, though.
I am definitely not Roman but I have No. 2. The kind of shoes should also be considered. With pointy shoes in vogue more fashionable people might end up with No. 3.

Sorry, I checked my toes and it is No. 3. So I am Greek. lol.
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I personally don't think the arch of your toes has anything to do with a nationality considering most nations are an amalgamy of different haplogroups, sort of a nonsense thread lol
100% of neanderthal footprints have greek toe. 100% of every other fossil footprint has egyptian toe. Roman toe is in between. It's a multigenic trait so that makes sense.
My feet seem to resemble the Roman. I'm from Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.
so, i'm greek

but i'm sure there should be many more options than those 3
btw me being Greek, it's probably due to a soccer accident i've had in my younger days
these three foot types are the bases of all humanity? who needs dna with such anolgies? :) for the results - mine is Greek :)
Nice to see some hard science on this forum. LOL. But what are Celts, Germans or Slavs supposed to do with this info?
I'm Egyptian ;)
I'm Egyptian, but my daughter and husband have Greek feet. Quite interesting
No,you can't,this a matter of GOD,what stupidity :LOL:

Which god? There are a lot of them, you know. And what shape would a god's foot be?
No friend,me and Muslims only believe in one God, the only one,he designs each human being as he wants.

Believing in something only makes it true for you.

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