1. Maciamo

    The Lee family of Virginia and Maryland belongs to haplogroup I1

    The Lee family descended from Richard Lee I (1617–1664), who emigrated from Shropshire, England to Virginia, played an important role in American history. Based on the results from the Lee Surname DNA Research Project, descendants of Richard Lee I and his wife Anne Constable (Subgroup 21)...
  2. Maciamo

    The Randolph family of Virginia belongs to R1b-P312>Z39300

    The influential Randolph family of Virginia belongs to R1b-P312>Z39300 (aka PH2278) based on the results from the Randolph/Randall/Randle/Randol Surname Group (Albemarle County group). The family contributed numerous politicians, statesmen and military officers in the course of U.S. history...
  3. Maciamo

    Benjamin Franklin probably belonged to haplogroup R1b-U106

    Benjamin Franklin, a polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, whose head has featured on the $100 bills since 1914, is a probable member of haplogroup R1b-U106>Z18>DF95 according to the results from the Franklin Family Y-DNA Project. His family hailed from the small...
  4. Maciamo

    Y-DNA Haplogroups of U.S. Presidents

    Here are the Y-haplogroups of US presidents known at present: 1. George Washington R1b-U152>Z56 2. John Adams R1b-S1200>S14328>S6849 3. Thomas Jefferson T1a1a 4. James Madison 5. James Monroe I2a1a-L161.1 6. John Quincy Adams R1b-S1200>S14328>S6849 7. Andrew Jackson I1 8...
  5. Maciamo

    Identifying the Y-DNA haplogroups of ancient Roman families through their descendants

    I have embarked on an ambitious project: attempting to determine the haplogroups of ancient Roman gentes based on the modern European surnames that belong to ancient Latin haplogroups. It may seem like an impossible quest because there is no guarantee that any ancient Roman surname survives to...
  6. H

    What do we know about J1-FGC10401 ?

    Is this Ghassanid, with Homerite / Sabaean roots? My family name is listed as one of the Ghassanid families online.
  7. G

    Main Y-haplogroups on the territory of Dacia 2000-3000 years ago.

    What could have been the main Y-haplogroups on the territory of Dacia, 2000-3000 years ago? (you can choose more than one) Dacia included areas between the Tisa and the Middle Danube. The Carpathian Mountains are located in the middle of Dacia. It thus corresponds to the present-day...
  8. franci-s91

    J1-ZS241>FGC13873 - origin and roots?

    I got my Big-Y results for a short time with the result J1-FGC13873 which is under ZS241. Have researched several hours on the web, but have so far found no clear info, except that someone from Saudi Arabia in yful had the same subclade. Is there any indication of the origin or stem of this...
  9. E

    Do these subgroups R-P311 and R-S47 check out?

    Hello friends, I recently tested with 23andme and my Y-DNA haplogroup turned out as R-P311. I then uploaded my raw data to Wegene as I heard you could get a more accurate haplogroup and it came out as R1b1a1a2a1a2b3b or R-S47. So do these two subgroups fall into each other? I was researching to...
  10. M

    E-PH1246 Y-DNA Inquriy

    Hello, I was looking into the E-PH1246 branch from E-V13, is there any in depth info about its possible geographic location or time in history. Thank you.
  11. Maciamo

    Lombard vs Roman Y-DNA and mtDNA from northern Italy and Hungary

    The study on Lombard DNA by Amorim et al. (2018) was already discussed a few months ago as part of a preliminary paper, but did not yet include the Y-DNA and mtDNA tables. This is still a pre-print, but at least we can see what haplogroups the Lombards carried. The admixtures for each sample...
  12. Maciamo

    All Japanese emperors and shōguns and most daimyō shared the same Y-DNA lineage

    We found out last year that the Emperors of Japan probably belonged to haplogroup D1b1a2 based on the tests of various descendants. Another presumed descendant of the imperial family tested at Family Tree DNA and also belonged to that haplogroup, and more precisely to the D-Z1504 subclade. A...
  13. Maciamo

    Updated phylogenetic tree of E-V13

    I have updated and expanded the phylogenetic tree of haplogroup E-V13. I changed the layout to show when each clade developed in time so as to get a better idea of when the regional expansions happened. Many branches of the tree are still missing. There are few Greek, Italian, French and...
  14. Maciamo

    New map of Slavic Y-DNA

    I made this map by adding paternal lineages associated with the diffusion Slavic peoples from the Iron Age onwards. These include Y-DNA haplogroups I2a1b-CTS10228, R1a-CTS1211, R1a-Z92 and some branches R1a-M458. The Slavic Y-DNA in Italy, southern France and northern Spain came with the...
  15. J

    Ftdna y12 - k-m9

    Just got my FTDNA Y12 and it says Confirmed Ydna Haplogroup K-M9.....
  16. Linda Raymond

    mtDna only interests me

    Hello, brand new member and first post. I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same as me. Since I am female and can only pass on my mtDna, I really am only curious in pursuing the history of my mt haplogroup(currently H1c but waiting on full mtdna results). I really am not interested in my...
  17. franci-s91

    J1a2a1a2 (J1-P58) in Salerno-Campania South italy

    I have J1a2a1a2 (J1-P58) Originary i come from campania region, province of salerno in south . Can you tell me to wich ancient people belong this haplogroup and who brought this genetic to south italy I would like to mention that I have done an autosomal test at myheritage, the result said that...
  18. J

    Y-DNA Haplogroup P-P295 , anyone else in this group?

    23andMe V5 assigned me this haplogroup P-P295. Uploaded Raw DNA Data to Wegene and was assigned just P. Ancestry is Filipino with very minute percentages of European and S. Asian
  19. Y

    Y-DNA distribution across Brazilian regions and an intriguingly high % of Y--DNA I

    I've just read this study (Male Lineages in Brazil: Intercontinental Admixture and Stratification of the European Background) on the distribution of male lineages of Brazilians and there is something that struck me as very intriguing and, I think, difficult to explain. They have a somewhat...
  20. PaterKeklos

    Is there a Y-DNA haplogroup associated with Neanderthals?

    Have any paternal haplogroups attributed to Neanderthals survived to this day or would their DNA be far too diluted? When we test Neanderthal remains, what paternal haplogroup shows up?