1. J

    I have lots of unknown Central Asian Ancestry! Error or Truth?

    Stumped! I have unknown Central Asian ancestry. Lots of it. I can’t help but think this is an error, but maybe it’s not? So I’ve known my ancestry pretty well, considering I’m such a mixed person. I'm half Puerto Rican (Spanish, Taíno, Corsican, and distant West African), a quarter Japanese...
  2. LeBrok

    GEDmatch, list of ancient samples with kit numbers.

    GEDmatch, list of ancient samples with kit numbers. Here are kit numbers of ancient samples on Gedmatch, from my database. Please post kits with description of samples, and all you know about these samples. Sorry, I didn't have time to put it in a coherent database. M825671 I1293 Iran...
  3. LeBrok

    GEDMatch Sicily through GedMatch Harappa World

    Recently I got a lot of kit numbers for Sicily, and having a bit of time on my hands today I compiled this table. Europeans # of samples S-Indian Baloch Caucasian NE-Euro SE-Asian Siberian NE-Asian Papuan American Beringian Mediterranean SW-Asian San...
  4. LeBrok

    Were all Corded Ware groups the same people?

    I have many samples and I can say that their admixture levels are quite varied, but it is hard to get a handle on any visible pattern. For example to look at a level of admixture and tell what area of CW they belong to. It is quite a daunting task. Perhaps they were the same group, same...
  5. LeBrok

    Genetic source of Unetice Culture.

    I've been running new kits (DNA), I got my hands on recently, through HarappaWorld admixture and started to notice some patterns. (Maybe real ones. ;) After quick calculations I found fairly good match for ancestral source of Unetice Culture. Have a look: I mixed Hungarian Late Neolithic...
  6. J

    GEDMatch The Gedmatch calculator that is best in seeing what's behind Ashkenazi ancestry

    On 23andme I get 95% Ashkenazi... It doesn't tell me much, I'd like to use a calculator to see what's behind this wall, which Gedmatch calculator is most accurate for that? Thanks in advance. :smile: