I have lots of unknown Central Asian Ancestry! Error or Truth?


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Stumped! I have unknown Central Asian ancestry. Lots of it. I can’t help but think this is an error, but maybe it’s not?

So I’ve known my ancestry pretty well, considering I’m such a mixed person. I'm half Puerto Rican (Spanish, Taíno, Corsican, and distant West African), a quarter Japanese (this is a fact, I know the exact town in Japan my family is from), and a quarter mix of Irish/British/German/distant French.

I uploaded the raw data of my 23andme results to six different sites, four of which have significant Central Asian percentages:
Geneplaza K29 calculator- 15.6% Central Asian
Wegene- 8.45% Central Asian
MyHeritage- 7.4% Central Asian
GEDmatch Eurogenes K36- 4.21% Central Asian

All of these sites have my Japanese ancestry at an almost exact 25%, so I’ve concluded that the Central Asian doesn’t come from my Japanese side. Would this be correct? Are these calculators confusing my European ancestry or native Taíno ancestry with Central Asian because I’m so mixed? I’d like to know your thoughts. Thanks!

I should also add that my Irish/British/German/distant French is about 20-30% on each ancestry site. I highly doubt the Central Asian comes from there.

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