1. Jovialis

    Admixtools Utilizing AI for WGS30x FASTQ-Plink conversion & AADR Merge for Downstream Analysis in Admixtools2

    > results$weights # A tibble: 3 × 5 target left weight se z <chr> <chr> <dbl> <dbl> <dbl> 1 Italian_South_ITS7 Steppe_EMBA 0.241 0.0471 5.11 2 Italian_South_ITS7 C_Italian_N 0.551 0.0361 15.3 3 Italian_South_ITS7 CHG_Iran_N 0.209 0.0609...
  2. Ιωάννης Γαβριήλ

    23andMe Ancetsry Results Simulator/Inspired calculator

    My 23andMe Ancetsry Results Simulator/Inspired calculator is finally here! It, honestly was much better to work with this one! Not only because of the experiense that I've already had with my other poject, but also because it's regions are just better to work over all! (Generally, 0.01% in G25...
  3. M

    Peruvian criolla has 20% native

    Take a look at this woman, and tell me if she looks like having ANY non-white ancestry.
  4. M

    23andMe Turkish Black Sea 23andme Results

    Im from Ordu all of my Grandparents are from Ordu but only my Grandmother (mother side) is from Trabzon
  5. H

    MyHeritageDNA Comparing MyHeritage DNA results with 23andme and FTDNA

    Hi there, This is a message for those of you who are more scientifically inclined than me in the field of genetics/the trend of DNA testing to find out ethnicity. I'm interested in genealogy and I figured doing a few DNA tests could perhaps help me discover new information about my ancestors...
  6. W

    Thanksgiving offer for DNA Raw Data Analysis

    There is a Thanksgiving family offer from Xcode Life for those who are interested in analyzing their DNA raw data for more information. It is a complete health bundle with Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Allergy, Skin, MTHFR and Precision Medicine.
  7. W

    AncestryDNA Free Alzheimer's disease risk report from Xcode Life

    I used my DNA raw data to get a free Alzheimer's disease risk report. I seem to have a APOE variant that protects me from AD. I guess my specialist will be able to tell me more. Yet I think this much better that spending $160 just for 1 gene reports. If this turns out to be useful, as I will get...
  8. W

    23andMe Woman with a Y chromosome.

    I just read an interesting post on how 23andMe reported Y haplogroup analysis in the report of a person who always knew that she is a biological woman. Any thoughts about this? I was thinking about genetic mosaicism and androgen insensitivity syndrome.
  9. Jovialis

    23andMe 23andMe Granted First FDA Authorization for Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test on Cancer

    I saw this in an e-mail this morning. Here's a link to the blog: https://mediacenter.23andme.com/press-releases/23andme-granted-first-fda-authorization-direct-consumer-genetic-test-cancer-risk/ While it seems limited at the moment, I'm sure this will open the door to testing of other variants...
  10. Maciamo

    More people bought commercial DNA tests in 2017 than in all previous years combined

    Technology Review: 2017 was the year consumer DNA testing blew up "The number of people who have had their DNA analyzed with direct-to-consumer genetic genealogy tests more than doubled during 2017 and now exceeds 12 million, according to industry estimates. Most of those tested are in the US...
  11. Polumbi2

    Hello I need help (23andme)

    Hello I recently purchased a kit from 23andme and I mightve made a mistake. Everything went fine and i followed instructions except for one thing. When i was spitting into the tube the saliva wasnt going down and I touched the saliva trying to push it down (once), afterwards I didn't do it again...
  12. edao

    R-L48 in Portugal?

    Hello, I finally got around to getting my 23andMe test done and have some questions. My Paternal Haplogroup is R-L48. My father is Portuguese, but googling R-L48 people are talking about Germanic origins. Looking at the ancestry data from 23andMe it says I most likely have a French/German...
  13. J

    I have lots of unknown Central Asian Ancestry! Error or Truth?

    Stumped! I have unknown Central Asian ancestry. Lots of it. I can’t help but think this is an error, but maybe it’s not? So I’ve known my ancestry pretty well, considering I’m such a mixed person. I'm half Puerto Rican (Spanish, Taíno, Corsican, and distant West African), a quarter Japanese...
  14. Jovialis

    Some Illnesses Can Compromise your DNA Sample

    Just my luck. I received my 23andme DNA spit-kit in the mail today. But I'm currently taking Amox-Clav 875 mgs for a case of strep throat I caught last weekend with 8 and half days to go. :annoyed: Good thing I bothered to look this up before I used the kit. I should probably give it about a...
  15. R

    Y resolution worth it?

    Took the 23andme and realized too late I should have gone livingDNA. My 23andme data even with morley test seems to be subclade unsure, given 63 Y-DNA positions lacking recognized mutations and about 200 positive snp's not accounted for. (is that par for 23andme data?) My question is: would a...
  16. W

    Interpretating DNA results

    Hi, I am trying to figure out my DNA results from 23andme and having a hard time. For example, my 23andme results says that my rs2302009 is (A,A) but according to SNPedia (A,A) isn't even an option! snpedia says rs2302009 can only be G and or T! This has happened for some other of my...
  17. R

    23andMe reconstitute subclades

    Hi, new; lots of great info here. Like most, I'm somewhat perturbed that 23&moi omitted the subclades from your report and only offer the broad haplogroups. I've fooled around w gedmatch and looked at promethease, but I'm more interested in knowing my specific subgroups. How can this be...
  18. Maciamo

    What's your experience of customer service with DNA testing companies?

    I am curious to compare people's experience of customer support at various DNA testing companies. Here is my impression based on my experience. - Family Tree DNA: I have often been critical of this company (high prices, terrible MyOrigins and AncientOrigins report, etc.), but they do have a...
  19. Maciamo

    23andMe Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

    The new 23andMe experience, starting in 2016 and replacing the old version of other customers the early months of 2017, has been a disappointment for many veteran users. One major let down is that it is no longer possible to search for people with whom to share by location or other profile...
  20. Maciamo

    23andMe Comparing 23andMe chip versions

    23andMe was founded in 2006. Its original test (v1) cost $998. It was replaced in September 2008 by a more affordable test (v2) that only cost $400 and really kickstarted the company's rise. Two years later, v3 was released, which increased the number of SNPs to close to one million. Oddly...