1. Maciamo

    23andMe New 23andMe Ancestry Timeline is a fraud

    I was finally able to check the new Ancestry Timeline on 23andMe after my account was migrated to the new 23andMe experience. The verdict will be brief. It is a fraud. I have a complete paper genealogy for the last 7 generations in every line, and many lines go back over 400 years. All my...
  2. G

    Why is autosomal DNA ethnicity estimate so different from my mtDNA ethnicity?

    Question from a NEWBIE::confused2: I got my autosomal DNA testing performed from AncestryDNA. Africa0% Other Regions Tested Ivory Coast/Ghana0% Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers0% Senegal0% Cameroon/Congo0% Nigeria0% Africa North0% Mali0% Benin/Togo0% Africa...
  3. Maciamo

    Comparing DNA testing companies

    Here is a quick comparison of the number of SNP's tested by the main genomics companies offering ancestry DNA tests. Company Autosomal SNP's Y-DNA SNP's mtDNA SNP's Price (USA/EU/UK) 23andMe 577,382 2,329 3,154 99~199$/169€/149£ Geno 2.0 700,000 ~20,000 ~4,000 180$ Chrono 2.0 290,169...
  4. P

    health data 23andMe

    I put my raw data through Promethease & got some "GoodNews" then looked at the "BadNews" section & it seemed to contain much of the same risk factors for various conditions. So does the Good and Bad average out to make me "Average?" I'm not a geneticist and I wish it was easier to figure out.
  5. J

    23andMe Sensitive 23andme result question

    Is there anybody here knowledgeable with genetics and how 23andme analyses data that I could private message with, I have a sensitive issue that I don't want to discuss on the public forum. This would be looking at genome comparisons between siblings and parents... should be quick, I think I...
  6. J

    23andMe My 23andme results, feel free to post yours

    Here are my speculative ones: 100% European 98.4% Ashkenazi 0.3% North European 1.2% nonspecific European Here are my standard results: 100% European 95.1% Ashkenazi 4.9% nonspecific European Here are my conservative results: 99.6% European 78.5% Ashkenazi 21.2% Nonspecific European...
  7. Maciamo

    23andMe Do you like the new design of 23andMe ?

    I don't. It was much nicer before. It looks as if they tried to copy their rival deCODEme and Navigenics, which is a mistake. Why would they want to show photos strange people on the main page ? This is a big no-no for me. It makes it look like a scam website trying to attract simple-minded...