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Photos of Belgian townhalls & belfries Version française

Belgian town halls by chronological order of construction

Townhall of Gembloux
Hôtel de Ville of Gembloux (Medieval-Renaissance), built in the 12th century
Townhall of Mechelen
Stadhuis of Mechelen (Gothic),
built between 1320 and 1326
Townhall of Mons
Hôtel de Ville of Mons (Gothic-Renaissance),
built between 1323 and 1427
Townhall of Bruges
Stadhuis of Bruges (Gothic) built between 1376 and 1420
Townhall of Brussels
Stadhuis of Brussels (Gothic),
built between 1402 and 1455
Townhall of Kortrijk
Stadhuis of Kortrijk (Gothic-Renaissance),
built in 1418-1420
Townhall of Leuven
Stadhuis of Leuven (Gothic),
built between 1448 and 1469
Townhall of Ypres
Stadhuis of Ypres (Renaissance),
built in 1519
Townhall of Ghent
Stadhuis of Ghent (Gothic-Renaissance),
built between 1519 and 1618
Townhall of Oudenaarde
Stadhuis of Oudenaarde (Renaissance) built between 1526 and 1537
Townhall of Antwerp
Stadhuis of Antwerp (Renaissance),
built between 1561 and 1565
Townhall of Binche
Hôtel de Ville of Binche (Renaissance),
built in the 16th century
Townhall of Tienen
Stadhuis of Tienen (Renaissance),
built in 1635
Townhall of Liège
Hôtel de Ville of Liège (Neoclassical),
built in 1718
Townhall of Namur
Hôtel de Ville of Namur (Neoclassical),
built between 1828 and 1831
Townhall of Saint Josse-ten-Noode
Townhall of Saint-Josse (Neo-Classical),
built in 1829
Townhall of Schaerbeek
Townhall of Schaerbeek (Neo-Gothic),
built between 1884 and 1889
Townhall of Saint Gilles
Townhall of Saint Gilles (Neo-Renaissance),
built in 1904

Belgian belfries by chronological order of construction

Belfry of Tournai
Beffroi of Tournai (Romanesque),
built in 1188 (72m high)
Belfry of Bruges
Belfort of Bruges (Gothic),
built in 1240 (83m high)
Belfry of Ypres
Belfort of Ypres (Gothic),
built between 1260 and 1304 (70m high)
Belfry of Kortrijk
Belfort of Kortrijk (Gothic),
built in 1307
Belfry of Ghent
Belfort of Ghent (Gothic),
built between 1313 and 1380 (91m high)
Belfry of Namur
Beffroi of Namur (Romanesque),
built in 1388
Belfry of Aalst
Belfort of Aalst (Gothic),
built in 1460 (44m high)
Belfry of Mons
Beffroi of Mons (Baroque),
built between 1661 and 1679 (87m high)

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