Women(alone) settled in Orkney in the Early Bronze Age


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A new study has found something unbelievable.
That in the Early Bronze Age, instead of the male dominated invasion of Europe that we all here know.

It was women the ones that were brought to the island. On the contrary, male Neolithic lineages survived, at least until the Iron Age, 1000 years later.

This is very rare, the IndoEuropean conquerors were highly succesful, and it's unlikely and weird that their women were emigrating alone to a place where lived people displaced by their fathers and husbands. Particularly given the fact that they were of a lower socioeconomic status.

The most likely explanation for me, is that these women were kidnapped in raids carried into the mainland.
Or that those men wanted to 'marry up' in some form. These happens less often, but ut happens. For you to visualize it, I recommend you check on the Internet how some black men have 'a preference' for white women. As if that will concede them some sort of entry to the world of the race situated on top of them.

Also, as I observed for a biracial kid to have a race, the important one is the one of the mother. You just have to pay attention to India. As well as to Cushitic and Bantu Africa, indistinguishible at first sight and classified as sub-saharan, even though their parental lines are different.

I really want you to know about that social dynamic of men of other races 'marrying up', I think explains a lot. Because apart from that I can't see another explanation for such an odd phenomenon.
This study has been already mentioned two times, one in the thread about BA and IA newcomers in Britain, and in a proper thread concerning Y-I2a(1) survuving in Orkney at BA. No need for a new thread, I think.
Concerning diverse way of mating, it's a large debate; but exchanges of wives between two human groups were common, independantly of "race", for political reasons, particularly at BA. Plus the northern islands were maybe not so attractive (AT THOSE TIMES! before tourism) for male newcomers not already adapted to these new lands, occupied by very well adapted and evolved Megalithers people who themselves were rather agressive when needed. So, "gentlemen agreement" in a context without too much to gain for ex-Steppic men???

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