Politics "WOKE" America

There's no dispute there.

There are Christian Conservatives in Republican states who are more pro-Israel than say Liberal Jews in NYC, who certainly don't support Hamas.
the thing is, Zionists have a lot of power and influence in the state of Israel
they obstruct a peacefull solution as much as Hamas does
This little girl is one of the victims.


I am repulsed by the U.S. government and the agenda of the Left.

I feel haunted by this image...


A coalition of more than two dozen Black lawmakers led by Democratic Reps. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri and Barbara Lee of California expressed concerns over the “impacts of widespread layoffs within the tech industry and its disproportionate impacts on the African American community and women” in a letter late last month to acting Labor Secretary Julie Su that was obtained by CNN.

Of course, I always knew the push to hire people based on race and gender rather than strictly on merit was merely lip-service to appease activists, and Democrat regulators.

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