The little things, that makes life so beautiful

going to work in the morning and seeing the cherry blossoms bloom for the first time this year.
things that brighten my day.

1. A good night's sleep
2. A very interesting book
3. Women smiling
4. Children playing
5. Seeing my girl
6. Hearing my girl's voice
7. Spending time with my girl
8. Good music
9. Delicious food
10. Friendly strangers
Lending a helping hand to those which are down and out and who need a second chance.
-The laze-about in bed after sex with my woman.
-The feel of warm grass on bare feet on a summers day.

Meh ill think of more. :p
Just being alive and healthy.
Sunshine upon my face while listening to a really good song.

It feels good to help others, though it is sad that in a modern world like this there are still people who are suffering from illness, poverty etc.
Looking in your glass, and seeing the nice White colour of the top of your cold beer, while you are sitting in the sun.
My wife.

(She's only 4'-11"/1500cm tall)

[Please don't tell her that I posted this .... !]

1500cm tall? Wow! :silly:

I really love the sea, waterfalls, lakes.... I automatically get a relaxed happy feeling when I see that.

I also have a tendency to stare at grass, I love walking barefoot along grass.

Spring time, is so lovely, today I was walking down the road, and there was a big gust of wind, and it blew millions of sakura petals off the trees, it was so beautiful, and was blowing them along for about 5 minutes. Everybody around stopped to admire them.
Kara_Nari said:
1500cm tall? Wow! :silly:



Now that's a slip of the pen ... isn't it!

Sorry folks ... no! I'm not married to the Statue of Liberty!

1500mm. dudes! 1500MM! A metre and a half!

:dunce: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :nuts:

I was about to ask to see your wedding photo's. Hahha, sure would be interesting to have a wife THAT tall!
Beautiful things make things beautiful (you can say it backwards too. lol). Sometimes we just have to stop and smell the roses, and take a deep breath of that fresh polluted air.

But I want to add in more:

The feeling of accomplishment (especially after working Hard for it)
The feeling when you make other people happy and laugh.

I guess that's it.
Snuggling up in a cozy bed in a dark bedroom while the soft pure light of the clouds and snow covered ground and flakes falling shine in through the window, the room is cold, outside is cold, but you and your bed are warm and nice.

Its the kinda situation i wouldnt get up for sex with anyone.

And blokes are famous for having sex even if they dont really want to. :p
The best things in life truly ARE free!
For me is knowing I am somebody special to those I truly care about!
The more we become adults, more the little things that make life beautiful are ignored. Why?
Practising sport makes me feel better.
Reading a good book, taking a long walk(sometimes alone, sometimes with the one you love), the sea and the beach at night, classical music or a great love-song. Sharing a meal with family and good friends. So many things make life so beautiful.
The sun setting or rising, a new walk through the city, eating some good food, but most of all making some good memories with loved ones
There are a lot of little things around us which can make us happy. I am a very nature loving person and whenever I feel sad , I like to walk on grass which give a very soothing feeling .I observe the beauty of new blossom flowers , trees. All these wonderful things make me calm from inside. little deeds of kindness can make our life more beautiful than the ever before.

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