The little things, that makes life so beautiful

I never knew that there could be something of enjoyable in standing in a beet field in the middle of nowhere, in the rain, with wet socks, up to your ankles in mud, and in the dark. It just goes to show, you can open your mind to something new everyday. :) :mad: :lol:
There is one thing i really love.... When I wake up at times in the middle of the night and look fastly at the clock to see how much time I have left to sleep on regular week days. Then I see I have plenty and can just put my head back softly on that beloved pillow and dream away again.

Or the twilight nap as I like to call it. When the day is about to die and you can just curl next to the radiator as you hear the sounds of the hot water dripping in those metal tubes and you're half dazed as slowly the sun sets and it all gets dark.

And of course sleeping late... one of my favorites... draining away the hours of a lazy sunday.

I have always found nature to be quite soothing. The different shades of the sky... the foliage around conveying different emotions... snow...rain....drizzle...all these can give us different sensations. Last night I was walkin home at 3 am and the road was covered in snow for about 15 cm and the way my foot felt crunching underneath and the sound was quite pleasant. Then shakin off all the snow stuck into my clothes before entering the house... the cold pure flakes droping into the moquet and then sleeping under a blak sky but white earth feels quite pleasant.

Then one of my all time favorites... the sea/waves at nite under a lucid and splendid moon glisening on the water surface slowly caressed by the sweet mindnight mediterranean breeze as you can't help but to feel the immensity of the tide upon ur spirit.

There are just so many things that can really make your day... things like personal habits as well. Personally sometimes I like to eat spoonfulls of nutella until my throat start to burn and then wash the tinglin sensation down with fresh water out of the just one of those things that reinvigorates me and gives me freshness when needed.

Another is to put your new clothes and towel on the radiator on cold days before you enter the shower... then as soon as you out you get that nice brief warmness, especially when it comes to putting on your underwear :p

Then there is things like crusing the city. There is a particular tram route here that goes through this forest and is just one of the most scenic things to do...or sometimes when I feel crappy for whatever reason I like go to a high point here in the city sit down on a bench nearby and observe almost the whole city down on my while reflecting on serveral things. Just one of the special places you feel at peace at and can take your mind off from you troubles and worries.

Lastly late nite crusing... here in Belgium we have the privelege of havin almost every road/highway lit by sodium lights, they give off a nice orangy light... At times I happen to be with friends in the car driving late at night while listening to some "crusing" music as everyone in the car is quiet and prolly thinkin the same wimpy sentimental stuff you are like wow the nite is so cool or the sky is so big or the stars shine so much or dayummm that girl driving past is incredibly cute ;)

There jsut so many things that makin a list would be impossible, but is easy to miss them if we are inattentive. Small things really do make life enjoyable and I try to keep an eye out always but smtimes our life as humans really blocks our senses....
Well, I keep things simple:

Waking up in the morning....
Having my physical and mental health....
Watching the sunrise....

I had a nice one yesterday - a Christmas card from our five-year-old niece that she had written herself - complete with back-to-front 'e's :)
For example i'm sitting on the bench and a nice guy passes me by and says hello to me:) Beside that it makes me happy when i hear that someone likes me as a friend and needs me. Ohh and my baby brothers smile always makes me happy no matter what:D
-Sleeping for 12-15 h in the weekends
-The first cup of coffie with a cigarette in the morning
-Late night drives in a sleeping city
A summer afternoon spent in a tree
Coming home early to have a cherry coke
Going to Taco Bell after watching a good movie
The way that one old guy always waves to you as you walk home
A nice cold bottle of water and enjoying some John Lee Hooker. Now that is something that makes life beautiful. :)

Doc :wave:
Cool! You like John Lee Hooker, too! :cool:
A little thing that makes life beautiful... is being able to sleep in at the weekend, to snuggle back under the covers and know I don't have to get up just yet... :sleep:
To get the chance to play a real piano, just for a short while... :)
To finally put all my cards into the mailbox and leave them in the lap of the gods... :mail:
To wake up on Monday morning and know that my boss is away all week! :yeahh:
Dutch Baka said:
Why do we always need to think big, and why do we forget about this little things, which happen almost everyday, that makes life so beautiful.

Just think about it.

Great thread and topic. Glad I found it.

As for me, some of the "little" things that make life beautiful are:

-- the smell of the ocean.

-- the smell of freshly cut grass in a yard.

-- the smell of rain heavy, and waiting to fall on a windless humid day.

-- the sounds of waves crashing on the beach.

-- a hard dusk rainfall and the sounds it makes as it hits the roof or metal covering

-- the sound of soft rolling thunder in the distance approaching

-- the quick flashes of heat lightning in the night sky

-- the thought I showed some mercy by looking down and making my foot purposely land a few centimeters to the right of an ant going through its daily life motions.

-- the thought that a little girl in the book store with burns all over her face was smiling and cheerful

and many others...perhaps to continue.
saying goodbye to the wife, knowing I will see her in 6 months again.
holding the wife in my arms,
small kisses from the wife
Dutch Baka said:
saying goodbye to the wife, knowing I will see her in 6 months again.
holding the wife in my arms,
small kisses from the wife

:blush: How sweet! Dutch, you truly are quite the romantic! :blush:
When something bad happens, and after a while when you feel better, you can see how much you learn , and become stronger from this things... when you see you learn in life, I think you understand the beautyness of living, the reason of living... it makes me happy
I agree with you, in my personal opinion one of those little things is remembering the voice or the laugh of my grandfather who died two years ago, that helps me alot when I feel sad because he's not with me anymore.
Also when I feel alone a smile from any person is quite nice
When I wakeup the sensation of living another day
The smile of a little boy/girl is always beautiful
And of course each and every memory of happy moments or even silly moments....those are the ones that remain, I once heard a phrase and found it very true "The simplest joy can bring the heart its sweetest pleasures"
The human capacity for kindness, and good are the little things that make my life worth living.
Sleeping in, knowing that you can stay in bed as long as you want.
Family and friends
The smell of rain
A simple "I love you" can do the trick.
Laughter, without it, I wouldn't be able to live!
:giggle: :bravo: :lol: :D :silly: :smug: :evil: :win:

Hearing someone laugh... really laugh... I mean the sort of laugh you just can't fake... even though I don't know why they are laughing I just can't stop myself from grinning like a fool...
Dutch Baka said:
Looking at a little girl like this, makes life SOOOO BEAUTIFUL , thanks Rocklee for the link.
That is so cute!

- A sunny day after weeks and weeks of cold, rainy miserable weather. Just a shame is still too cold to sit out.

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