Question How do you release stress?

@Doc - hey, Misa said what do you do to relieve stress aside from ranting (j/k :p ). I think you sound like a lovely hunk. I like chunky, hairy men 'cos they are more manly, IMO.

Getting back to the alcohol thing, I think you have to be careful. Nothing calms you like a relaxing drink, but you have to be sure it's not your only de-stresser, and that you don't rely on it. I avoid alcohol as a stress reliever, as I don't want to start down that route.
Talking with my best friend helps me. Not ranting, just talking with him. He makes me laugh constantly, and that makes me forget about whatever was getting me down or making me stress out. He never fails in lifting my spirits. Never. I'm so fortunate to have him.

Of course, sex is great for releasing stress, but I was going to stay away from that. Saying that I like sex has gotten me into trouble before... :p
I can't believe I forgot to mention talking with friends! :bluush: Not even talking, but just being with people. I mean, they're like the most important thing in my life an' all..... It's a great way to get troublesome things back into perspective.

I guess on that note I could say that theater is a good stress reliever! (working on it, not watching it... although maybe watching it is a stress reliever for some people?) Because you have to concentrate hard, and also the physical work involved (hoisting large heavy objects around etc.)... in a similar principle to the 'play an instrument' school of stress-relief. :)

Saying that I like sex has gotten me into trouble before...

Hmmm... I can imagine. :hihi:
I go downstairs and beat the f**king s**t outta my punching bag :)
Something that also helps is deep breathing. Breath and emotion are intertwined WAY more then you think. Breathe deep, it really helps. And don't breathe from the chest, you'll hyperventilate, breathe from the diaphragm. In through the nose, out through the mouth. You should feel your stomach rise and fall with each breath, your chest shouldn't move at all. Again to make sure it's clear DO NOT BREATH FROM THE CHEST it's bad for you. Wanna know why women in the 18th century always fainted? Their corsets only allowed them to breathe from the chest and they would hyperventilate and faint *nods*.
Yoga helps too 'cause we store stress in our muscles and it helps work it out.
Doc said:
Which is not good. It said scientifically and medically that if a man does that all through is life, that by the time he is forty he will have more stress built up than a pregnant woman. My Father would be a prime example of this. In short, don't hold it in because it'll mess you up more in the end than you really think.

Doc :wave:

just the kind of person i am... always have been....
Whenever I get stressed enough to the point that I actually give a shat, I go through this whole process.

First, I get overwhelmed with the stress, then that turns into a fierce anxiety. That anxiety eventually mutates into a panicky feeling of hopelessness, and a sharp depression.

The moment that happens, I get angry about being down, and start getting all heated up, and motivated to solve whatever issues that got me stressed in the first place.

I tried the whole talking to friends spiel, but that only ends up annoying me, when people try to do the 'I know how you feel' relating thing.

As for the sex method, I have to disagree with the efficiency of it. When I'm stressed, I cant concentrate on much else, let alone sex, and if I try to focus on something other than whatever got me stressed, I end up getting angry, and eventually somebody walks away from the situation with a bum leg or something.
Surprisingly simple but very effective thing is laughing your a** out. It boosts serotonin, chemical that puts you in a good mood, in your brain. When I laugh so hard that I get tears in my eyes, I never think about what has been bothering me one bit.

And, I feel the same way with some of you guys about drinking for de-stressing. Side effects seem much greater in that.
With smoking. Not very proud of it, but anyway it calms me, to the point i can think clearly. I also talk with my best friend. That helps a lot too. And like misa mentioned laugh is a great way to release stress:D
So, when I'm in a really bad mood, music and playing with dogs can help me.
I also smoke tobbaco a lot.
When at all possible, cutting off or limiting contact with people who cause you stress.
When at all possible, cutting off or limiting contact with people who cause you stress.

If who or what is causing you stress is at work (bosses, inane co-workers), then that answer is problematic. I always planned my day around a noon work-out. That split up my day, but more importantly allowed me to cleanse my mind of the absurdities that often popped up in the office. I usually came back with a better attitude.
Cooking a complex meal with several dishes.

It's pretty focusing and definitely keeps you in the moment while your subconscious considers the issue at hand - lot of steps that need to come together so everything finishes at the same time and due to timing, you can't really let your mind/focus get off the topic of bringing everything together. Once it's done, you have a feeling of accomplishment, and a good meal to eat while you ponder the issues that stressed you out in the first place.
Do you know who Wim Hof is? Listen to what he has to say. Her method of dealing with stress is a masterpiece. I just love it. Except you have to do it on an empty stomach.
Body pleasures will help get endorphins: massage and self-massage, bath or sauna, hot bath, spa, body wraps and so on. Anything that will help relax the muscles in the body, improve microcirculation and remove toxins will help reduce stress.
Cleaning the house is something that I do to relieve stress. The other day I felt particularly stressed out and I took apart my kitchen faucet to get all of the caked on grime that had accumulated in between the various parts.
I had a hard time putting it back together, so it kinda defeated the purpose.
Rewarding myself.
Try these five tips to manage stress and reduce the overall stress of day-to-day activities:

  • Use guided meditation.
  • Practice deep breathing.
  • Maintain physical exercise and good nutrition. ...
  • Manage social media time
  • Connect with others.

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