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There are plenty of calculators of ancient and modern ancestry on the Web: Dodecad, Eurogenes, MDLP, GedrosiaDNA, Harappa, LM Genetics, Mephisto, Tolan, etc. An easy way to obtain run all these calculators for your genomes is to download Admixture Studio. Unzip the file, run AdmixtureStudio.exe, upload your genome (from 23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA, Geno 2.0, LivingDNA, MyHeritage), select the calculator(s) you wish from the list, click 'run' and that's it! Very simple. You can get a more detailed overview from DNAGenics's site.
Maciamo: I agree, bought it back in December. I have been very happy with the product.
GedMatch and Admixture Studio:

... They often give different coordinates, ... same files.

my LivingDna:


... R1 :

ADM_R1_Dodecad K12b,4.87,1.72,1.20,0.00,34.92,26.41,0.00,0.00,5.74,0.00,24.51,0.64
GED_R1_Dodecad K12b,4.58,1.6,1.57,0.00,34.51,26.56,0.00,0.00,5.79,0.00,24.76,0.64
Have you managed to know why that happens, Salento? Are they still giving different results?
Great product. I bought the Pro version and am very satisfied.
Very good product but there is this slight difference in produced coordinates indeed.
In my Greek friend's case it gives a slight extra North/Northeastern shift compared to the gedmatch versions of the calculators.
Hi, this is my first post, i've been wondering how i could create a calculator for the Thailand Region as the calculators so far and the Company Tests like Ancestry just cover them barely, even with just one region called "Cambodia & Thailand" which also only covers the northern region of Thailand together with Cambodia as one and just back to the last 100 years.
Thailand may be a young country only existing for 500 years, but people have been living there, especially in the south for a much longer time..
Sea folks just visited Thailand in the last 300 years but never settled until 100 years ago when the modern Thai Identity was created and needed historical roots in the south as well, so the the sea folks were welcome to settle there and become thai citizens at that time.
Looking at bigger cities in the South like Trang for example, which already existed 900 years ago as a Malayan Srivijava Empire, also consists of diverse ancient ethnic groups.

Here is a very good article about the history of thai civilisation:
as i am not allowed to post the link to the website before having 20 posts, i guess i have to describe it and you have to search it on your own on google.
search for "britannica Thailand plant-and-animal-life" and scroll down to "People".

I didn't find any manual or handbook for Admixture Studio Pro, the website only states
"Run your samples against your own calculators from the Advanced Mode tab"

are the any other "own calculators" one could download or even create rather easily by adding different mappings of civilisations to a database?
i can see that i can choose a calculator with the selection of "Folder Admix PAR" and an "Admix PAR file" from that folder and an optional Populations File.

Also google doesn't come up with anything useful when searching for Admixture Studio Pro, Advanced Mode, calculator, Admix PAR.

Who can help me with this?

I have an existing AncestryDNA File of my wife, who is from the South of Thailand, several Admix calculators just show "cambodia" at the top with about 98% population similarity, sometimes Dai (Yunnan, China) with > 90% and some vietnam with lower percentage but no calculator seems to have a modern thai population or anything related to south thai malay populations.
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it seems the Michal K25 includes a modern thai population and it matches first place for her, but i miss the historic southern influences and ethnics.
i mean.. seeing that she is "thai" is of no use really.. cambodia matching right next to thai is kind of interesting, but doesn't show me much really concerning her deeper roots.
what's interesting though is that on the Cluster Map she is closer to Mongolian / Russian-Chinese ethnic groups than to thai and cambodian, although her family is from thailand on both sides, even from the south for generations.
Any calculator i used always shows some 20 to 30 % indian or middle east afghan/pakistan/iran, which is also not really possible, especially in that high amount.
i am not sure if the cluster map and the calculations are correct.
When looking at the AncestryDNA History where i got her Raw DNA File from, it doesnt show any major indian or middle eastern roots at all, just 86 % Thailand and Cambodia and other values smaller than 5% in Vietnam (4%), South India (3%), Dai from Yunnan (3%), South Phillipines (2%), but all have a possibility of 0% - X% and she is quite sure there are no indian or phillipine roots in her family.
i really don't know what to think of the admixture studio calculators.. the ancestry dna is the most perfect one here, but doesn't give me any details really, we already knew she is thai :/

ps: i might have found more in the MDLP World Ancient Roots K18, which shows thai as the most similar population, then Mon, Malay, Proto-Malay, Batak (dark skinned indians), and many others, with a very thin difference in numbers, more than 90% similarity for the first 45 populations.

nMonte shows:

468 populations found.

Distance: 6,71

39,00% Mon People (back in the day living in today Myanmar and Thailand)
16,60% Malay (todays Phillipines and back then the Srivijayan Empire containing todays Malaysia, Sumatra and including todays Thailand, Laos, Tibet, Myanmar)
15,40% old Northern Thai People
11,60% Nepalese
11,40% Batak (todays Sumatra)
05,80% Velamas (South-East Coast of India, Andhra Pradesh)

here is a map that shows the Empires and Kingdoms at that time:
again i am not allowed to include the picture as a linked image because it's my first post.

as it's an ancient population calculator, it gives a nice picture here, especially as both of her lineages were in the south of thailand for the last generations and probably before..
it shows that her ancestors might be largely from Myanmar/Thailand 40 %, Malaysia 16%, north Thailand 15 % with some influences from 10% Nepal, 10% Sumatra and 5% South-East India.

Took me all evening to get to this one calculator that really shows some useful ancient populations.
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