AMH is N'R haplogroup


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Today, the only worldwide haplogroup in the maternal side is several branches of macro N, mainly those that form R subgroup.

Given that R haplogroup carriers are the ones that appear around 50,000 years ago(Ust-ishim, Tianyuan...) coinciding with the sudden expansion of Sapiens all over the world.
And that it's really the only one that is found in each and every region...

I came to the conclussion that represents the original haplogroup of the population of "Behaviourally Modern Humans".
While M is a very close haplogroup that was restricted to Asia. Together with certain related branches that have been lumped together in haplogroup L3.

Those 3 haplogroups are 'closely related', maybe in the lapse of 'only' 10s of thousands of years.
While L3 branches colonized Africa and mixed with natives. M colonized southern and eastern Asia.

But expanding ALL OVER THE WORLD was something carried by N subgroups, and particularly R. So I suspect that they colonized certain areas 'of M' with haplogroups like A or B along with their men.

And I say this because Y-DNA F, or Y-DNA IJK haplogroup are haplogroups that are massive and found all around the world (same as R), so I assume they went together.

DE and C haplos are clearly related to M, Japan, Andaman, Goyet...
Also F subgroups and H is of the subcontinent, and related to M, but also N'R.

It's only when you get to IJ and K macrohaplogroups that you see populations that are undoubtly N'R haplogroups.

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