1. M

    Eurasians can't be Africans

    A majority of scientists suscribe (or don't question) the "out of Africa" theory, but looking to the science rather to the scientists, we see it doesn't make much sense. For starters, the theory isn't really proven with DIRECT archeological/paleontological remains, it ONLY rests in the fact...
  2. M

    AMH is N'R haplogroup

    Today, the only worldwide haplogroup in the maternal side is several branches of macro N, mainly those that form R subgroup. Given that R haplogroup carriers are the ones that appear around 50,000 years ago(Ust-ishim, Tianyuan...) coinciding with the sudden expansion of Sapiens all over the...
  3. M

    Map of Neanderthal remains

    This is a very cool and interesting map that I found. All the samples form and arc, but it has a hole in its North. And even though the world has been more glacial, we still have examples of Modern Human (Sapiens) in the North Central Eurasian area like Kostenki and Ust-ishim.
  4. M

    Rivers essential for humanity/civilization?

    The importance of rivers for the appearance of the first civilizations, that were based primarily in the mastering of an agricultural economy, is a common topic in general culture. The reasons are obvious:abundance of water, therefore food, easy transport and the bigger nets of population that...
  5. M

    Out of Africa overhyped

    The most basic teaching we all receive in the school/high school about human prehistory is the fact that the human species comes from Africa. Everything is centered in Africa since the split from the last common ancestor with chimpanzees. As it seemed that it took us until 50000 years ago to...
  6. M

    Macro-haplogroup R and her subclades

    Among Eurasians (whose ancestral descendants include Oceanians and Amerindians), apart from M, most people descend from branches of mitochondrial macrohaplogroup R. 1) We don't know why that is. Maybe they have superadvantageous mutations in their DNA that gave them special human...
  7. Archetype0ne

    Genetics and material culture support repeated expansions into Paleolithic Eurasia... Genetics and material culture support repeated expansions into Paleolithic Eurasia from a population hub out of AfricaLeonardo Vallini , Giulia Marciani , Serena Aneli , Eugenio Bortolini , Stefano Benazzi , Telmo Pievani , Luca Pagani...
  8. Jovialis

    Eurasia became a melting pot during the Holocene

    The steppe has been a superhighway from East to West. Interesting article by Razib Khan, especially this part: * I am aware that in some of the work in David Reich’s lab there is evidence of East Eurasian gene flow into Mesolithic hunter-gatherers in Europe...
  9. Jovialis

    Insights into Modern Human Prehistory Using Ancient Genomes

    Here's a review of past genetic studies of predominately pre-agricultural groups that was published today. Too bad it's behind a paywall though. Nevertheless, here's the highlights, as well as a map from the paper provided by
  10. Jovialis

    A high-coverage Neandertal genome from Vindija Cave in Croatia

    Here's the full paper: Looks like they've released the paper to the public now: // Looks like its behind a paywall. But here's the article I...
  11. Maciamo

    New distribution map of haplogroup R1b in Eurasia and Africa

    Eupedia is a website about Europe and so far I have limited the distribution maps of haplogroups to Europe and its periphery. But I thought it would be interesting to see the global distribution, especially in Asia since it is linked to the propagation of Indo-European people and languages. It...