1. Oasis

    Politics Which Country Do You Think Will Be The Next To Leave EU?

    Denmark Czech Republic Austria Cyprus Italy Ireland Netherlands Hungary France Greece Germany
  2. C

    Do you feel frustrated after reading the news and feel you want to do something?

    Often after reading the news I feel empathetic with something bad that has happened to other people (e.g. earthquake) or just something that really frustrates me (e.g. the way the government has dealt with a situation) or something I really want to happen (e.g. all the nations at the Paris...
  3. Maciamo

    Politics The Belgian paradox: how low level officials yield key aspects of power

    Belgium is generally a fairly good place to live. The country ranks well by international standards on many levels; compulsory education until 18 (highest in the world), high-quality and cheap health care, free motorways, excellent food, reasonably good economy... One of the things that...
  4. I

    Machiavellianism in International Relations - The Prince

    When Il Principe (The Prince) was written by Italian historian and diplomat Niccolo Machiavelli the theme "usage of means which can be immoral can justify the aims of the rulers" spreaded to European Politics. Machiavelli mostly discussed the means of a ruler who aims to keep his state in power...
  5. edao

    Politics Spain Vs UK - Gibraltar

    Who's right? Is Spain breaking the law with excessive border checks and threatening border fees, or has the UK crossed a line building artificial reefs on what is rightfully Spanish territory:innocent:? Is this just another crack in the EU. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23668589
  6. edao

    Politics Is the Right, right?

    More specifically is the concept of minimal government investment and interference in the economy now the only way forward for the West? If we think about what's going on with countries like Italy, they are changing their democratically elected governments to please markets, (markets simply...
  7. edao

    Politics Technocrats or Politicans?

    With politicians having failed the people they represent miserably across Europe, its seems odd that now both Greece and Italy have turned to Technocrats. "Technocracy is a form of government where technical experts are in control of decision making in their respective fields. Engineers...
  8. edao

    Politics FRANCE - Election 2012

    Chirac mocks Sarkozy in memoirs Former French President Jacques Chirac has mocked his successor and party colleague Nicolas Sarkozy in memoirs covering his 12 years in office. article
  9. edao

    Politics Does democracy work?

    Do you think democracy works? Lets take the UK 2010 elections. info If we ignore the individual political parties but instead split the vote in a left wing / right wing way. Right Wing Conservatives - share of the vote 36.1% Left Wing/Centre Left Labour - share of the vote 29% Lib dems -...
  10. L

    Immigration UK's Cameron says immigration ?unacceptably high?

    UK?s Cameron says immigration ?unacceptably high? November 22, 2010 Cameron revealed that the UK was seeing two million new immigrants per decade. ? Reuters pic LONDON, Nov 22 ? Immigration to Britain is ?unacceptably high? and must be brought down, but this can be done while ensuring...
  11. edao

    Comics Political Cartoons

    Post political cartoons from around Europe here!
  12. edao

    Politics Politics and Religion

    I thought to be in a member of the EU you had to clearly seperate religion from the state, but I keep seeing political parties called: - Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams - Belgium - Christian Democratic Union of Germany (Angela Merkel) - Christian Democratic Party - Norway - The Christian...
  13. edao

    EU resource online

    Found a great channel on YouTube, worth a look for anyone interested in EU politics. http://www.youtube.com/user/EuropeanParliament
  14. Tsuyoiko

    Politics What's your political compass result?

    I'm sure some of you have seen this Political Compass How did you do? I am: Economic: -8.00 Social: -7.23 Left wing libertarian - no surprise there!