1. S

    GEDMatch How much East Med do you score?

    I’m trying to figure out whether a theory about my family history is credible or not, so I’d be interested to compare results for East Med scores on Eurogenes K13, Eurogenes K36, the Jtest and the EUtest. Also, let me know if you have any documented east Mediterranean ancestry (e.g. ⅛ Sicilian...
  2. Jovialis

    Neanderthal-like features in 450,000-year-old fossil teeth from the Italian Peninsula

    Fossil teeth from Italy, among the oldest human remains on the Italian Peninsula, show that Neanderthal dental features had evolved by around 450,000 years ago, according to a study published October 3, 2018 in the open-access journal LOS ONEby Clément Zanolli of the Université Toulouse III Paul...
  3. Jovialis

    Hundreds of gold coins dating to Rome's Imperial era found in Italy

    The most I've ever found on the floor was a $20 bill. It certainly would be nice to stubble upon something like this!
  4. Jovialis

    Roman Colosseum Holographic-Battles

    There is one more reason to book a ticket to Rome immediately. Tourists can now experience the Opening Games at the Colosseum just like before. Although time travel still might not happen in the near future, a brand new show in the Colosseum will give people a glimpse of it. Called the Sangue...
  5. A

    Haplogroup subclade R1b1a2a~2/R1b-PF7558 (R1b-PF7562, R1b-PF7563) in Italy

    Can someone give me the rundown/history on these subclades and explain their prevalence in Southern Italy/Sicily? I just ran a Morley prediction report via my 23andMe test, and this was the most likely prediction. I also ordered the Y37 test from FTDNA and as well. I had done...
  6. Maciamo

    Lombard vs Roman Y-DNA and mtDNA from northern Italy and Hungary

    The study on Lombard DNA by Amorim et al. (2018) was already discussed a few months ago as part of a preliminary paper, but did not yet include the Y-DNA and mtDNA tables. This is still a pre-print, but at least we can see what haplogroups the Lombards carried. The admixtures for each sample...
  7. franci-s91

    J1a2a1a2 (J1-P58) in Salerno-Campania South italy

    I have J1a2a1a2 (J1-P58) Originary i come from campania region, province of salerno in south . Can you tell me to wich ancient people belong this haplogroup and who brought this genetic to south italy I would like to mention that I have done an autosomal test at myheritage, the result said that...
  8. Jovialis

    Be one of the first to see this unique ancient Roman tomb Following an extensive restoration, Rome’s Barberini Tomb is officially open to the public for the first time in its history. The two-story monument dates back to the second century BC and can be found along what remains of...
  9. Jovialis

    2,000-year-old sundial discovered during Roman theatre excavation

    A 2,000-year-old intact and inscribed sundial – one of only a handful known to have survived – has been recovered during the excavation of a roofed theatre in the Roman town of Interamna Lirenas, near Monte Cassino, in Italy. Not only has the sundial survived largely undamaged for more than two...
  10. Maciamo

    LivingDNA Is the Central Italian component in Living DNA a good proxy for Roman ancestry?

    I now have the results of several Belgian people who tested with Living DNA. All got a bit of Scandinavian, and some got a from 1 to 3% of French, Basque, West Balkans, North Anatolian or Kurdish. But what really stood out is that all of them had considerable amount of Italian DNA, and in all...
  11. LeBrok

    GEDMatch Sicily through GedMatch Harappa World

    Recently I got a lot of kit numbers for Sicily, and having a bit of time on my hands today I compiled this table. Europeans # of samples S-Indian Baloch Caucasian NE-Euro SE-Asian Siberian NE-Asian Papuan American Beringian Mediterranean SW-Asian San...
  12. Pax Augusta

    Italy’s Struggling Economy Has World’s Healthiest People (Bloomberg)

    Italy’s Struggling Economy Has World’s Healthiest People When it comes to living a long life, Italy is the place to be. The high-heeled boot surrounded by five seas is ranked the healthiest country on Earth in the Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries. A baby born in Italy can expect...
  13. M

    Confusion over R0a

    I am not able to find much information about my 23andme results - citing R0a.. they told me it's rare in europe, but my Mother was Italian, her mother was Italian (Naples region), and her mother was Italian (so on and so forth for 100s of years that we know). Is this a common group for Italians...
  14. Maciamo

    Identifying the Roman subclades of J2a1

    In 2013 I explained in my Genetic history of the Italians that the ancient Italic tribes, including the Latins/Romans would have belonged primarily to R1b-U152 (especially Z56). I mentioned that the original Latins of the Roman Republic would also have carried G2a-L140 (specifically the L13...
  15. E

    Quezel surname in Italy?

    Does anyone know anything about the surname Quezel, especially in Sorrento (or southern Italy in general)? It seems to be from the Occitan language, but then it's most common in Savoy, which is Arpitan and not Occitan. Why would a Savoyard or Occitan family move to that part of Italy, is there...
  16. Maciamo

    Translation of Y-DNA and mtDNA pages

    Here are the Eupedia pages that have been translated so far. Anybody with the necessary skills is welcome to volunteer to translate more pages. In French Comment retracer ses origines ancestrales avec un test ADN ? Quel test ADN d'ascendance et de généalogie choisir ? Projet ADN généalogique...
  17. P

    Y DNA J1 and J2 - Semetic/Neolithic Farmers and Mesopotamia. European J-P58.

    italian j1, questions about my haplogroup Hello, I'm from central Italy, Marche region on the Adriatic Coast, According to the Genographic Project my paternal lineage is J-Z1884 which should be J1. My maternal line is U5a1a1. I'm from a indoeuropean celtic/italic area but we are on the...
  18. H

    Greece or Italy?

    Hello, soon i would like to plan a trip to Europe and i am pretty much interested in history. So, my question is which country should be visited to be considered as a much illustrated in the worlds history, Greece or Italy? Thank you
  19. M

    first time europe traveler age 24

    I will be going on birthright in israel and will be extending my trip with a friend. We're both 24. We've both agreed on traveling to italy and amsterdam. Ideas: Rome 2 nights Florence nights (with one day trip to pisa) Amsterdam 4 nights We're having a hard time picking another destination. To...
  20. I

    Are the Northern European countries much more clever than the ones in the South?

    When comparing the North ; Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland.... with South ; Portugal, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria.... the one can notice that the North is working much more than the South. Working hours can be lesser in some countries maybe but their "efficiency" is very...