1. S

    suebi y-dna input in north portugal and galicia

    So I wonder why there is so much I(y-dna) in the braga region as portraied by beleza et al because there is ~18% of I(y-dna). I also know that this city was the capital of the suebi kingdom in galicia and noth portugal but in this specific area there is much more I(y-dna) than even in some parts...
  2. salloci

    New I-Z161 Member

    Hi all. Thanks this website, my genetic interest to know more about my ancesters was growing and growing. I would like to give you all thanks for all contributions, especially to Maciamo. I want to share with all of you my Geno 2.0 results: Y-dna: I-Z161 Mtdna: J1c2a I'm a newcomer but i...
  3. Maciamo

    Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula

    I would like to announce that I have just published a Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula. It may still need a few corrections, but otherwise I think it is reasonably comprehensive. Your feedback is welcome.
  4. Roi

    filiation of the IE peoples of NW Iberia during the Bronze age

    Hello Maciamo and all eupedia forum users : ) It’s some time now I follow this site which I found very interesting.. I would have a question to pose about a very controversial theme here in my homeland, Galicia: So were there a significative celtic presence down here? for decades, there...
  5. Maciamo

    Why R1b couldn't have been spread around Western Europe by the Bell Beaker people

    Introduction One of the hottest controversies of the last few years in European prehistory and population genetics has been the origins and dispersal of haplogroup R1b. As recently as 2008 almost everybody thought that R1b had been in Western Europe since the Palaeolithic and re-expanded from...
  6. Maciamo

    Estimating Germanic Y-DNA in Iberia

    Spain and Portugal are fairly well studied countries for Y-chromosomal lineages. Unfortunately no study so far has tested for the Germanic S21/U106 subclade of R1b, and few papers even distinguish subclades of I (those who did only tested for I2a1a-M26). I have analysed the raw data from Adams...
  7. A. Tamar Chabadi

    More Early Neolithic mtDNA from Spain

    Ancient DNA from an Early Neolithic Iberian population_MtDNA Ancient DNA from an Early Neolithic Iberian population supports a pioneer colonization by first farmers C. GAMBA,* E. FERNA´ NDEZ,*† M. TIRADO,* M. F. DEGUILLOUX,‡ M. H. PEMONGE,‡ P. UTRILLA,§ M. EDO, – M . MOLIST , * * R . RASTEIRO...
  8. T

    Ancient place names in Iberia

    Since the discussion recently came up, I would like to elaborate the situation on the Iberian penninsula in Antiquity a bit, especially on the aspect of linguistic heterogenity. Note that the analysis below excludes the Basque-Aquitanian and Iberian areas in the east and southeast of Iberia, and...