1. Maciamo

    Economy European & global economy: who is getting richer ?

    I have checked the forecasts for GDP per capita (PPP) for the next five years. Slavic and Baltic countries in the EU are starting to overtake older member states from southern Europe. The Czechs are already richer than the Greeks and Portuguese, and will have caught up with the Italians by 2018...
  2. Maciamo

    Countries with the most millionaires

    The Boston Consulting Group has just released a report on the percentage of millionaires in USD in the world. Here are the top 15 countries with the highest densities of millionaires. As you will see this ranking is quite different from the GDP per capita ranking. Singapore, Japan, Israel and...
  3. edao

    Economy Italy - GOES BUST!

    Today Italian yield on 10-year government bonds went over 7%. 7% is regarded as the line after which a country can no longer afford to service it's debts. Can the EU afford to bailout Italy now, what cost has Italian pantomine political culture cost Europe? Are we looking at the end of the EU...
  4. edao

    Economy Fundamental Reform of the Financial System

    What do you think should be changed about the financial system to prevent boom and bust economics? Money as Debt - Documentary
  5. edao

    Economy Is Your Country Entrepreneurial

    Recently British PM David Cameron said the government had no new tricks up its sleeve for creating jobs and growth and the only way out for the UK economy was the role of 'entrepreneurs'. article I have read that economies only emerge from recessions because of the growth created by new...
  6. edao

    Economy Rise of China

    With the rise of China as an economic and political super-power, are you worried about the potential drop in your living standards? With the Austerity measures being unrolled across Europe and with the fudamental weaknesses still unresolved within the Euro-zone, some are wondering if Europe...
  7. edao

    Economy European Future?

    Below are 3 senarios for the future of Europe, which option would you preffer? Option 1 A decade of very low growth and high unemployment all ‘round. The danger is that in a decade’s time, Europeans will be so thoroughly disillusioned with the European project that it will fall apart...
  8. L

    Economy Was there a spanish "re-conquest" of Latin America?

  9. edao

    Economy Zapatero to the rescue?

    Does the future of the Euro depend on Spain's management of their economy. With talk of Portugal, Spain and Ireland next in the firing line it seems that Spain is now the key player. The markets are unconvinced by the EU and IMF rescue plans. Article Zapatero this week outlined Spain own...