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With the rise of China as an economic and political super-power, are you worried about the potential drop in your living standards?

With the Austerity measures being unrolled across Europe and with the fudamental weaknesses still unresolved within the Euro-zone, some are wondering if Europe will see those standards rise again, are we soon to see our children working in European sweat shop to manufacture chinese goods?
I don't believe Chinas rise is a threat to our living standarts, it rather helps us to maintain them. If you have a look at the statistics the development seems even more impressive.
Also we should not forget that chinese demand on our goods is fueling our growth in these economic unstable times, without china out economy would truely be tanking right now.
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Well, as more and more countries industrialize and develop, the demand for luxury items like meat and oil increases. The more demand there is for something, the higher the prices usually get. Also, the main reason why CO2 emissions are still increasing even though the developed world has for the most part tried to limit them, is due to increased emissions from developing countries. So for me, I guess China's rise does lower my standard of living, but it isn't the only country to do so it is merely the most prominent one.
Chinese's investment in other countries because of its growing economic boom, is one of the reasons that could be adduced as lifting living standards. Such investments create jobs, boost competitiveness, but of course, there is the other side of the coin: ¿Chinese's investment in another country could be detrimental to the national industry of that country?, ¿What would happen to the myriad of Chinese immigration this would generate?; but do not forget that some countries are obliged to allow the entry of foreign capital investment cause be part of the World Trade Organization

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