You know you've been in Spain too long when...

When an Andalusian girl that you met three weeks earlier, tells you that she loves you, and she asks you to marry her.
RUN ....

It could have been funny if it wasn't true! LOL

There are girls who must have a special smell to hunt rich men, lol
On all the points about Spain apart from that it seems that it is the case of a tourist guiri who must be the most stupid tourist guiri in the world who has gone wrong and have taken advantage of something of him. The secret is not to go from tourist to foolish guiri.

About ham is the most valued food for Spaniards, especially Iberian ham, (means that the pig is Iberian and has been fed with acorns) Iberian simple is that the pig is Iberian but its food has not been totally with acorns, especially the south is the preferred and reject the white pork ham that is most consumed in the rest of Spain. My two parents and my older brother go crazy, however, me and my other brother and sister like it but we could do without it.

About the siesta especially in summer after lunch is very hot and commercial activity does not start until 6 pm in winter at 5 pm until 8:30 pm. The business hours in Spain are terrible from 10 am to 2 pm and then from 5 pm to 8:30 pm The working day is 8 hours in any job. The nap is practiced by the one who can, the youngest was something impossible, with more years fall, whenever possible.
There are girls who must have a special smell to hunt rich men, lol

LOL 💃 🤑


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