Y-DNA haplogroups of Scottish clans

3 of them are I2, likely surviving and adapting since Prehistory.
There are 2 R-P312, ancestral to Gaelic, Gaulish and Iberian, so likely from the early Bronze Ages.

Then, there are like 8 that may have come from the Romans. 4 Spanish DF27, 1 Italic U152, 1 E-V13, 1 J1, 1J2.

10 L21 that may have formed in the Iron Ages in Ireland and migrated in the Early Medieval period during the Scotts invasion.
And finally 9 from the Anglo-Saxon/Norman invasions. 4 R1a, 2 I1 and 3 English U-106.
All in all majority of them are R1b

I only get "R1b-L151" in all places i try testing my Ydna and that sucks cause its so broad and you can't tell much from just that..
How did the Graham's end up with the Cohen modal haplo? Phoenicians?
The Roman in York you are looking for is known a 3DRIF-26 and is J2-L228.

The publication can be found if you search 'Genomic Signals of Migration and Continuity in Britain before the Anglo Saxons' published 9 Jan 2016 and is available on the Nature Communications website (sorry my lowly status prohibits me from embedding a URL).

Unfortunately, the paper considered this guy an an outlier in the data as the study was looking at known British DNA and not studied further.

As someone who is J2-L26 and was born about 1 mile from the Roman city of Viroconium Cornoviorum (Wroxeter in Shropshire, England) I can't help wondering if more undiscovered J2 DNA was left behind in Britain after the Roman withdrawal.


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