Nature What do you do for the environment?

What do you do for the environment?

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In the thread How to help the planet and create a better world? I reviewed what I consider to be important to do for the environment and for the development of global society in general. I would like to open a poll and discuss in a separate thread what each of you has done or hasn't done and why.

The only thing in the list I haven't done yet is get an electric or hybrid car, but my car is fuel efficient and I really don't drive much.

Donating to charities doesn't have to be much. Even a few €/$/£ per month can make a difference if millions of people do it.

Eating less red meat is not just good for the planet but for one's health. I stopped eating beef in 2001 and I have cut down seriously on pork. I have never been a big fan of charcuterie and cured meats (sausage, pâté, ham, bacon, salami, pastrami) and they are so bad for the body (high in salt, saturated fats, nitrates and nitrites) that I completely stopped eating them.

Having a well-insulated home, solar panels, LED lights and energy efficient appliances is not just good for the environment but also saves money on the long term. I also chose an electricity provider that is of 100% renewable origin (wind power). The difference of price is not significant, especially since my electricity consumption is so low.

In Belgium, almost all companies encourage customers to get their bills or statements online rather than in paper sent by the post. That's normal because it saves them a lot of money. But as a customer I much prefer the digital version as it's easier to store and sort than having lots of folders full of bills. And if you aren't going to keep them, why even go for paper anyway?
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I eat less meat than before and I go everywhere by foot where I can. I rather buy local seasonal veggies instead of those travelling the half of the world to find place on my table. That's nothing big but it's my small contribution.
I rather buy local seasonal veggies instead of those travelling the half of the world to find place on my table.

I didn't add that one to the list for several reasons:

- Seasonal fruits and vegetables are so limited in time that we wouldn't eat any greens half of the year, and most local ones only during a few months when they are in season.

- That would entail avoiding bananas, mangos, pineapples, avocados and all other tropical fruits.

- Most supermarkets do not show clearly where their vegetables come from. It's better indicated for fruits, but not always. So sometimes there is no way to know.

- That would require us to cut down on our consumption of fruits and vegetables, and I don't think that sacrificing our health is the solution. It's better for health and for the planet to just avoid red meat and choose sustainable tropical products.
I forgot to mention two things:

- Plastic dishwashing sponges are terrible for the environment as they are not recyclable and are changed quite often (some people as much as once a week). It's much better to buy instead 100% biodegradable and compostable dishwashing sponges/lufas like these. Even better, get reusable, washable and sustainable dish scrubbers.

- Toilet paper account for a very big part of the world's paper consumption. 15% of deforestation is caused by toilet paper alone! Americans use the most toilet paper per capita, 141 rolls per person per year in average, i.e. twice more than the French or Italians. Why destroy forests to wipe one's tushy? Opt for 100% recycled toilet paper.

- Replace kitchen paper rolls by washable kitchen bamboo towels.
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Plastic pollution is in my opinion the biggest environmental concern globally along with the destruction of rainforests. It easily trumps climate change.


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