What are the subclades related to the Arabs?


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Hello everybody,

Hopefully everybody is doing well. I am not very proficient with haplogroup study and I need your help. I'm wondering what are the various subclades of Haplogroups J1 and E-m84 or other haplogroups that are associated with Arab tribes, not of the "Arabized" populations. Upon my research I saw J1-P58 being the haplogroup most associated with Arabs, present "[FONT=&quot] among the Marsh Arabs of South Iraq (81%), the Sudanese Arabs (73%), the Yemeni (72%), the Bedouins (63%), the Qatari (58%), the Saudi (40%), the Omani (38%) and the Palestinian Arabs (38%). High percentages are also observed in the United Arab Emirates (35%), coastal Algeria (35%), Jordan (31%), Syria (30%), Tunisia (30%), Egypt (21%) and Lebanon (20%)." But then I realised P-58 is too far back (8000 years ago) to mean anything, most of these people could've been from other [/FONT][FONT=open sans, sans-serif, verdana, neue helvetica, helvetica, geneva]Semitic[/FONT][FONT=&quot] peoples who were later arabized, such as Phoenicians, Arameans, etc. It is said that that FGC11 is the only "Arab" lineage, but i find that kind of hard to believe, I'm pretty sure Arabs are more diverse than just one lineage. "Arabs" used to be a term used by people back then to refer to those conducting a nomadic lifestyle in the desert rather than an actual "pure blooded" ethnic group. So there has to be more genetic variety than just FGC12. For example i found that J1-ZS1380, (which is probably Canaanite, possibly Phoenician in origin) is the lineage of the Azd tribe. As well as E-m84 being a lineage. So long story short, my question is 2 folds:[/FONT]
1. What are all the lineages associated with Arab tribes?
2. What percentage of the populations of the current Arab countries are actually "Arabs" (i.e descendents of Arab tribes)?

Thank you very much for your help guys, I hope this wasn't too much... [/FONT]:embarassed:
J-FGC11 is not the only SNP found in Arabian Tribal men. Downstream SNPs from J-L858 has quite a few Arabian Tribes. You need to look up the pdf produced by Mr. Mas of the J1 project at FTDNA as he lists these Tribes next to their defining SNP, and Banu Azd is J-BY74. But, why would anyone with is not from the Middle East or belonging to an Arabian Tribe give a XXXX about haplogroups and subclades of Arabian Tribal men? A lot of those SNPs are from people who are Arabs and belong to Arabian Tribes who have tested to prove to themselves their descent, and also to confirm the tribal affiliations of the Prophet from descendants of Ali who was his paternal cousin.

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