Visiting Sedan

Cathie R

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This is my first post so I look forward to learning more about the places I wish to travel to. In Springtime my husband and I would like to visit Sedan as my great uncle is buried in St. Charles cemetery. He was a POW. None of the family have ever seen his grave and we want to go while we are still able. We cannot drive but can manage public transport. At first we thought we would fly to Luxembourg and spend a few days in Luxembourg City and take a day trip to Sedan. I have tried looking up train timetables but cannot find a means of doing it in a day. I think we could maybe go one evening by train and return the next evening, but I am confused!!! We also wondered about staying in Thionville and taking day trips to Luxembourg City but I don't think that helps with going to Sedan. Any advice will be welcomed. We are willing to book a hotel for a week and go off to Sedan for an overnight stay if that is the only way it can be done. I look forward to getting some replies. Thank you.

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