Visiting London

I dont know how this thread turned into a debate about how the British and Japanese look down on other cultures.

To put the record straight the Japanese look up to almost everybody.
The British look up to the Italians for improving the road and central heating systems.
The Italians look up to the French who discovered the worlds first underground sewer in 1370.
The French look up to the Germans because of their remarkable Commerzbank Tower.
The Germans look up to the Irish for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 7 times.
The ginger haired Irish look up to the Swedish for their blonde good looks.
The Swedes admire the British for their punctuality and stiff upper lip.

Dont forget to see Big Ben next time you are in London.
It is good to stay at central London hotels at any time of the year to avoid travelling long distances and wasting time in tubes or undergrounds. Any season in London might be subject to change - English weather doesn't conform to the forecast so it is worth considering few options to visit London, once you choose your travel dates - one if it rains, the other - if it doesn't.
I'm staying in London only for a one day. What can I see in a day? Can you pls give me some advice.
What are your interests? There are so many things to do and see in London that you need to focus on what really interests you if you have only one day. I could spend at least a week in either the Tate Gallery or the British Museum, but they wouldn't interest some people.
I am interested in museums, but if I have enough time to go around museums? I make the best possible use that day and see as many sights as possible.
I also like London, but sometimes it is very hard to behave in a way people react properly.
Crosby I am agree with you. London is the capital of England and it is famous for tourism. It provides a lot of attractions like London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Palace of Westminster, British Museum and Big Ben. The hotels are very comfortable for the stay of travelers. My mother has visited there a few time ago and she had there a great time.
I have been visited the London many of the time, I really enjoyed my every tour to the London. I spent my best time in this country and I just love with this place. Still I Have a wish to explore there.I hope I will go there as soon as possible.
rikimilton ! you have shared really nice images of this attraction of London. I have been visited Lodon at op0nce inmy life but now I like to say that you have great image share with all of us. Now after seeing this images I want to go there soon for having fun. thanks for sharing...
Hi everyone! Do you know some special places in London for New Year? Me and my friends want to go to London after Christmas and to spend 2 weeks there. What would you advise?
When visiting London, it is nice to see both Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. However, do not just say Westminster because people may assume you mean the Abbey when you are referring to the Roman Catholic cathedral.
London is awesome city you never feel bore . So please enjoy your trip in London .
London is absolutely delightful! I highly recommend doing a walking tour from Covent Garden all the way along the Piccadilly line. You'll get to see a bunch of London's most famous landmarks like St Paul's Cathedral and Piccadilly Cirus.

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