Ust Ishim disproves Out of Africa


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Ust Ishim is said to be 70% genetically different from Africans, with 100% being our current European genetic differences.

Ust Ishim is that Russian sample from 45,000 years ago. The problem is that official accepted science puts an alleged "Out of Africa" event for Humans some 5-10,000 years earlier.

That sample alone disproves that our ancestors were African until 60-55,000 years ago. Basically because evolution of Humanity really gets interesting after Ust Ishim(cave paintings, farming, civilization).

Are we to think that only 30% of evolution happened in 4 times the time between a supposed emigration from Africa to Russia???

By God, the biggest evolution is changing from African to Russian/European/Caucasian/ Eurasian... Overnight in archeological terms. That 70% CAN'T happen in such a tiny amount of time.

But that 30% in 50,000 years fits with the other 2/3 in the previous 100,000. Reaching a date of separation between African and Eurasian about 150,000 years ago.

If you look at the ages of L haplogroups, as well as Y-Chromosome A haplogroup, 150,000 years is their date origin!!!

This data fits better with a model in which the ancestors of modern Africans diverged the first INTO Africa. And the ancestors of modern Humans Sapiens in the rest of the world are a later mix between BOTTLENECKED(remember Toba eruption)DE, F, C IJK haplogroups; M, N'R haplogroups...

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