Tips for storing a surfboard on Paris ?


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Hi guys
Currently in south of France for holidays, I will be in Paris for 3 day with my friend.
I’ll arrive in Gare Montparnasse on Monday and on thursday I'm taking a plane for Sidney in airport CDG, is that possible to store our surfboard directly in airport or is that possible to use a consigne in Paris ?
Thank you
Knowing the French, it might be pretty difficult. They aren't your kind of "beach-people" or tropical. The Spanish would be the best to help in this scenario.

Sorry, that's about all I can say. One of the things that annoys me about the French is that they tend to be more metropolitan-oriented. (city/civilized) Maybe you can ask around, but I am thinking Spanish or Portuguese people (from Iberia) would be the best to help, for them. As surf-boarding is a favorite past-time of theirs.

Don't expect a French person to do something for you. They are selfish and aloof. It's just the norm/behavior there.

If you get stuck, just try and find some people who are experts. I would say go for some people with a Spanish or Portuguese background, they are wise in this area.

I know the Basques are good with working with Boats and other sea equipment. So maybe you can find some answers (on what to do) there.
Yeah I know, but i'm just looking for a solution of storage between my arrival in Paris and my departure Sidney

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