Health The pandemic's true death toll is about 3.5 times higher than official figures


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The Economist has been monitoring since last year the gap between official Covid deaths and excess deaths in various countries. They have now compiled statistics for almost every country in the world and a map to show which countries are really more impacted.

In Africa the excess deaths are 800% higher than officially reported Covid fatalities. In Asia it si 700% higher. But in the EU it is only 7% higher and in Oceania it is 400% lower (meaning that there have been less deaths than usual thanks to the lockdowns and other preventive measures that also affect other infectious diseases).

=> The pandemic’s true death toll

It's hard to count the real death toll in developing countries as many deaths go unreported. In India the Economist estimates that excess deaths since the beginning of the pandemic range between 1.1 million and 7 millions (as opposed to the official count of 440,000 Covid deaths).
in Belgium the death toll is now lower than normal, because many elder and weak people died earleir from Covid, who were about to die now

intead of death toll they should count the years of reduced life expectancy, it would sound less dramatic
I posted this 6 months ago. The Economist updated the death toll estimates today. They now stand between 14 and 24 million deaths worldwide, with the greatest probability around 20 million deaths at present, including about 5 million in India.

Russia and the USA both have between 1.2 and 1.3 million deaths. Ukraine has some 220,000 Covid deaths.
I've lost two Uncles to Covid, one was a diabetic and the other was in the throws of Cancer both are believed to have received it from their children who had tested asymptomatic, so whether you choose to believe or not people are dying from it. I'm pretty sure I had it myself but never was able to confirm...I'm fully vaccinated so far I'm not turning into Magneto or hearing the voices of lizard people...

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